Reporter : by Charlie Boyd
  • Jesus Was Super-Intelligent Gay Man, Says Elton John

    Sir Elton John has offended Christians after claiming Jesus was a “super-intelligent gay man”. In an interview with US magazine Parade, the singer said he believed Jesus was a “compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems."
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    Demand for Bible Outstripping Supply in China

    The Bible Society has reported a growing demand for copies of the Bible in China where an estimated 500,000 people converted to Christianity in 2009 alone. Although some four million Bibles were printed and distributed across China last year, the rapid growth of the church year on year means that demand for Bibles is now outstripping supply, according to the Bible Society.
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    Be Available for God, Says Bishop

    Ability or inability do not matter to God, what matters is that we are available for him, says the Bishop of Shrewsbury. Writing in a pastoral letter published in parish magazines across the Diocese of Lichfield, the Rt Rev Mark Rylands is inviting people to make a new start with God, our family and the world’s poor by making a new start with their prayer life.