Reporter : Elizabeth Delaney
  • David Daleiden and Planned Parenthood

    Tens of Thousands Call for Criminal Charges to be Dropped against David Daleiden Who Made Undercover Planned Parenthood Video

    It's one of those stories that looks like good being called evil and evil being called good. Nevertheless. Monday's indictment of pro-life Journalist David Daleiden and his assistant, Sandra Merritt, who produced the undercover video showing Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, is being met with the ire of tens of thousands who have signed a petition calling for the charges against him to be dropped.
  • Syrian Refugees

    Syrian Christian Refugees In Turkey Find No Rest from Muslim Persecution, Extremist Terror

    It's been said that Turkey has taken in about half of all of the Syrians who have fled to their country due to the civil war. As of last year, Turkey has received a total of 1.9 million refugees. Turkey is typically the first choice of Syrian families who feel that they must flee because it is right on Syria's border. But for the 45,000 Syrian Christians who have reportedly chosen Turkey, life is only slightly better at best.
  • U.S. Healthcare and Economy

    U.S. Healthcare Expenses Overtake Social Security For First Time, Public Debt Fueling Financial Crisis

    Last year was the first time in history that healthcare spending exceeded what the nation was receiving in Social Security payments from the work force. The CBO reported on Monday that Medicare, Medicaid, The Children's Health Program and Obamacare all combined meant that the nation had forked over $936 billion, which is $54 billion more than Social Security received in labor force payments. That along with the 2016 federal deficit increase and significant increases in public debt means that a national financial crisis is looming that would last for decades.
  • State of Emergency in France

    ISIS Paris Attackers Released Beheading Video, EU Warns Future Terrorist Attacks in Europe Anticipated

    A video was released on Sunday by ISIS which featured some of the Paris attackers performing beheadings. Since one of the terrorists featured in the video was killed in the Paris attacks (Bilal Hadfi) it was determined that the footage was shot before the Paris terror attacks. However, the head of the EU's law enforcement agency has reason to believe that the terrorists who performed the Paris attacks are in the process of pulling together multiple large-scale attacks across Europe.
  • Washington DC National Guard

    Blizzard 2016 Updates, Safety Tips: Over 100 National Guards Deployed in D.C., Red Cross Offers Winter Storm Safety Checklist

    Though about one-third of the nation is expected to feel the impact of the monster blizzard of 2016, Washington DC is being watched especially closely. Washington DC is expected to get at least two feet of snow. The situation is expected to be so severe, that many government offices in DC closed at noon, and the Washington DC National Guard has been called up to support the nation's capital.
  • Donald Trump

    'Against Trump' Features 22 Conservatives Who Want to 'Stop Trump' as 2016 GOP Front-Runner

    Donald Trump may be one of the most controversial candidates running in the 2016 presidential election. Former VP presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin offered her endorsement of Trump, Conservative media talk show host giant Rush Limbaugh is endorsing Trump, even some religious leaders are supporting Trump. But Glenn Beck, another conservative talk show host giant, and over 20 other fairly well-known conservative talking heads are in the opposite camp, going as far as expressing their views in an editorial in the conservative magazine called, "National Review" with an article entitled, "Against Trump".
  • Pastor Saeed Abedini

    Where Is Pastor Saeed Abedini Now? Jay Sekulow of ACLJ Explains 'Three-Point Strategy' For American Pastor's Release

    Many are calling the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini a miracle and testimony to the power of prayer. While there is certainly plenty of truth in that, there was also a strategy involved. Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) worked tirelessly in connection to the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini. He says his "three point strategy" was to first, "get the State Department engaged. Secondly, we knew that we had to work with the international community as well. And, finally, here at home, we knew that it was vital to get members of Congress involved in the fight to free Pastor Saeed."
  • David Oyelowo

    David Oyelowo Snubbed For Oscar, Academy Awards Accused of Lacking Diversity

    David Oyelowo didn't hold back his disgust with the Academy Awards and its Oscar nominations in regard to the lack of diversity. He was overlooked for his role as Martin Luther King Jr in Selma, and has gone on record as saying, "The Academy has a problem," at the King Legacy Awards. He added that, "It's a problem that needs to be solved."
  • Syrian Refugees

    Syrian Refugees Christian Response: UN Challenges All Nations To 'Be Much More Ambitious' In Assisting Refugees

    The civil war in Syria has forced millions of Syrian refugees to be displaced and flee their home country for a better life. The UN estimates that there are 4.39 million that need assistance. UN refugee agency Chief Filippo Grandi is challenging countries around the world to be more proactive in helping to settle Syrian refugees. During a visit to a refugee camp he said efforts, "cannot only concern the countries neighboring Syria," and that, "I think we need to be much more ambitious. What is needed is a better sharing of responsibilities.''
  • Syria

    Syria's Foreign Ministry Calls on UN: ISIS Abducting, Murdering Hundreds of Innocent People

    ISIS reportedly stormed the city of Deir Ezzor in northern Syria over the weekend. At least 400 families of pro-regime fighters were captured by ISIS and transported to the countryside, according to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and CNN. In a similar report, Syria's official news agency, SANA, stated that ISIS had, "committed a massacre in al-Bagaliyeh,"which is just north of the city. Approximately 300 were murdered. On Monday, Syria's Foreign Ministry delivered letters to the UN requesting assistance.
  • Richard Dawkins

    Richard Dawkins Sees Islam As a More Severe World Threat than Christianity

    For all of his disdain for the Christian religion and God, renowned atheist Richard Dawkins has actually been willing to admit that he sees Islam as a far bigger threat to world peace than Christianity. He has also willingly admitted that, "Christianity may actually be our best defense against aberrant forms of religion that threaten the world."
  • Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Durnil

    Indiana Cop Sees Angel Pin of Upset, Speeding Trucker, Issues Prayer Rather Than Ticket

    Truck driver Rodney Gibson was driving down a Bloomington, Indiana highway when he saw the police cruiser lights flashing in his rearview mirror. He had just received the horrendous news that his daughter, who had been fighting breast cancer, was not responding to chemotherapy treatments and didn't have long to live. Then he was brought to tears when the state trooper issued prayer rather than a ticket.
  • California End of Life Option Act

    Californians Warned That 'Vulnerable Will Be Killed' If Petition Drive To Reject End-of-Life Option Act Fails

    There was a move in California this week to repeal California's End of Life Option Act. The Californian petition drive to reject the End of Life Option Act fell short of the required number of signatures necessary to make it onto the ballot. The initiative would have allowed the people of California to decide if they wanted physician assisted suicide in their state or not. Though the bill was signed into law back in October by Governor Jerry Brown, it didn't officially go into effect until January 1 of this year.
  • Diamond

    Unique Property of Water Found In Newly Discovered Diamond Confirms Biblical Account of Creation

    The mystery of how life began on earth has baffled many in the sciences for as long as humans have existed. Water is popularly thought to be a key item of necessity for the beginnings of life. Where that water comes from has never been something that could really be proven. However, a breakthrough finding that involves a volcano in Brazil, an ugly but unique diamond, and an olivine mineral called ringwoodite adds some fresh credibility to the Biblical account of creation.
  • Mona Walter

    Ex-Muslim Says She Didn't Know What a 'Terrible Man' Mohammed Was Until Reading Koran

    Mona Walter spent her childhood and most of her teen years in the country of war-torn Somalia, which is located in the 10/40 window. She was a "cultural" Muslim and never read the Koran for herself. Then in her teen years, she immigrated to Sweden as a war refugee. At first she was excited to be able to leave a warzone. But it was in Sweden that she had the opportunity to read the Koran for herself for the first time. She said she discovered that Islam is, "about hating and killing those who disagree with Islam. It’s about conquering."
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