Reporter : Michelle A. Vu
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    Tim Keller: John Stott First to Speak God's Word to Me

    WHEATON, Ill. – Under the slated skylight and within the clean, airy white walls of College Church on the Wheaton College campus, more than 600 people gathered Friday to remember and be inspired by the life of John Stott – the English Anglican clergyman who helped define and drive the global evangelical movement in the 20th century. One by one, speakers eloquently, but with much sincerity and humor, recalled the humble, intellectual giant of the evangelical community who astounded and touched Christians around the world with his clear and authoritative exegesis of the Bible, and with the way he lived his life.
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    Rick Warren on Moses' Staff and Book's Success

    WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Megastar Pastor Rick Warren slipped into the conference hall unnoticed Tuesday night, comfortably mingling with the hundreds of pastors gathered, before stepping on stage to deliver a sermon that reminded the audience why Warren is one of the most popular pastors in the world.
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    McCain Pressed to Clarify Stance on Marriage

    WASHINGTON – Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain was pressed by an influential conservative pro-family group Monday to clarify his stance on marriage and life as it relates to his party’s existing platform.
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    Palau Festival Raves of 'Historic' Event in Buenos Aires

    The Palau Festival team has called their Buenos Aires event this past weekend “historic” as they raved about the unprecedented reception they received in the homeland of the organization’s founder, evangelist Luis Palau.
  • Green Southern Baptists Avoid Divisive Talk

    Leaders in the new Southern Baptist environmental movement were careful Monday to avoid criticizing fellow Southern Baptists still skeptical of climate change, while at the same time pushing them to have greater concern for the environment.
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    Film Exposes N. Korean Women Trafficked into China

    WASHINGTON – Driven by hunger, family debt, and hopelessness, countless North Korean women have sold themselves across the North Korea-China border as wives, servants, and sex workers in hopes of finding freedom and a better life outside the grasp of ruthless dictator Kim Jong-Il and his brutal army.
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    Teens Battle Pop Culture in Times Square

    Hundreds of teens surrounded by flashing lights, honking taxis and rushing pedestrians are staging a rally against U.S. pop culture Friday in the heart of urban America – New York City’s Time Square.
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    NFL Donates Super Bowl Loser's Gear to Poor Kids

    The New England Patriots are surely disappointed about their last-minute and unexpected defeat Sunday, but around the world poor children will benefit from the Patriots’ loss as they sport their never-to-be-sold championship apparel.