Reporter : Michelle Vu
  • The Stray Movie - Pluto

    Why Dog Movie 'The Stray' May Help Your Love Life and Marriage

    Mitch Davis staggered out of his BMW 633 CSi, bleary eyed and completely sapped of energy from a 24-hour shift at Disney studios in Burbank, California. During his 90-minute commute home to Glendora, he had only one thought in mind - to crumple into his heavenly bed and sink into a mindless state of sleep.
  • Seven Churches Bombed in Iraq

    At least seven churches in Iraq were bombed Sunday in what appears to be coordinated attacks on Orthodox Christians celebrating New Year’s Eve.
  • intl_30663_3.jpg

    Christians Lament Bhutto's 'Tragic' Death

    Christian leaders expressed sadness at the news of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and worry about its effect on democracy and stability in the politically tumultuous country.
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    China Dispels Olympic Bible Ban 'Rumors'

    China said Thursday that Bibles are not banned from the Olympic Games amid recent furor over reports that Beijing would not allow foreign athletes from carrying Bibles during the upcoming Games.
  • 12 mistakes Western mission agencies have made

    World renowned missiologist Dr Ralph D Winter shared 12 past mistakes made by Western mission agencies that Asian missiologists should avoid when he spoke Friday at the Asian Society of Missiology conference in Bangkok.
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    Iranian Filmmakers Expose Christian Murder Cases

    Two brothers, a murdered father and an untold story of pain and forgiveness are the inspirations behind an award-winning documentary on the secret death of a prominent evangelical pastor in Iran.
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    Bush to Veto Gay Employment Bill

    WASHINGTON – The White House indicated Tuesday that the president would veto a bill seeking to grant greater rights to homosexuals in the workplace if Congress passed it this week.
  • Christians Join Global Day of Action for Burma

    A Global Day of Action for Burma will be observed Saturday around the world as people express support for the country’s peaceful protestors who have been victims of the ruling junta’s violent crackdown in recent weeks.
  • Pro-Family Summit Faces Opposition

    A protest was staged outside a Florida Baptist church last week as it hosted a pro-family summit attended by some of the nation’s most prominent conservative Christian leaders.
  • South Korean Mission Groups Re-Strategize for High-Risk Areas

    Mission groups in South Korea have been discussing new practice procedures after being harshly criticized by the international community for sending inexperienced Christian workers into a high-risk area in Afghanistan – resulting in what was the largest abduction of foreigners in the country since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.
  • Lebanon Says Goodbye to Slain Christian MP

    Thousands of Lebanese attended the funeral of the Christian, anti-Syrian lawmaker Friday whose assassination throws the already divided country into deeper schism ahead of the presidential vote this coming week.
  • China Engaged in 'Softer' Crackdown Ahead of Olympics

    China is gearing up for its “coming out party” – otherwise known as the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing – expecting A-list guests that include U.S. President George W. Bush and Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg.
  • quake.jpg

    8.2 Quake Strikes Indonesia; Triggers Tsunami

    A powerful magnitude-8.2 quake struck the west coast of Indonesia Wednesday evening, triggering a small tsunami and sending hundreds of people in affected cities fleeing into the streets.
  • Taliban Beat Christian Ex-Hostages for Refusing Islam

    Some of the 5 South Korean men freed from captivity last week reported being beaten by their Taliban abductors for refusing to convert to Islam or for protecting their female colleagues, a hospital chief said Monday.
  • Korean Pastors Repent for Aggressive Overseas Mission

    Pastors from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church met at Youngdong Presbyterian Church in Jongno, downtown Seoul, to reflect on mission works in light of the abduction of 23 Korean church volunteers nearly two months ago in Afghanistan.
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