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Adrian Peterson title : NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers Silently Consider Adrian Peterson Contract; Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson Eager To Meet RB
summary : The Green Bay Packers were early favorites in the NFL season. However, their Super Bowl journey was cut short with the ferocious play of the Atlanta Falcons. While Aaron Rodgers and his squad failed to meet the New England Patriots this year, many believe that they would once again be serious contenders this season. With this in mind, an Adrian Peterson contract is said to be the most reasonable move for the Jordy Nelson team moving forward.
date : Mar 28, 2017 06:23 AM EDT
Aaron Rodgers title : NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Retire after One Last Season With Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy
summary : The Green Bay Packers saw their 2015-16 NFL season end even before the regular games started when Aaron Rodgers lost Jordy Nelson to an offseason match. With the football team's best wide receiver out of the roster for an entire season, the group struggled to keep themselves amid the surge of squads like the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and Minnesota Vikings. However, it looks like the next NFL season will be pivotal for the Green Bay Packers as the group will see a healthier Aaron Rodgers, thinner Eddie Lacy and healed Jordy Nelson.
date : Jun 08, 2016 01:30 AM EDT
Packers Eddie Lacy title : NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers Eddie Lacy Weight Loss Ultimatum Works; Aaron Rodgers Eyes Jordy Nelson Return
summary : The Green Bay Packers underwent a difficult NFL season in the past year. Aaron Rodgers, who was once confident of his support system, saw his team fall short as Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson became victims of health issues. For Lacy, the issue had been his weight gain - a fact that made him an ineffective running back in the gridiron. For Nelson, his devastating injury in the NFL offseason broke the hearts of the Green Bay Packers fans. This time, however, the football team appears to be turning things around.
date : Mar 24, 2016 07:59 AM EDT
Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers title : NFL News & Rumors: Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Fear Eddie Lacy, DaVante Adams Loss
summary : The Green Bay Packers face the Kansas City Chiefs for Week 3 of the regular NFL season. With the notable performance of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers managed to take the lead at 14 - 0 for the early part of the match. As the Kansas City Chiefs struggle to find a way to stop the raging power of the Green Bay Packers star, the team of Aaron Rodgers continue to dominate Lambeau Field.
date : Sep 28, 2015 11:57 PM EDT
Aaron Rodgers title : NFL News: Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers Reunites With James Jones; Ex New York Giants WR Rescues NFL Team From Jordy Nelson Loss
summary : The Green Bay Packers pitched in yet another move to help Aaron Rodgers cope with the loss of Jordy Nelson in the upcoming 2015 NFL regular season. Coming off from a departure from the New York Giants, the Green Bay Packers reunited with wide receiver James Jones. With the addition of the wide receiver in the Aaron Rodgers roster, it could be said that the Green Bay Packers are eyeing to provide a support system for Randall Cobb and NFL preseason standout Davante Adams.
date : Sep 08, 2015 03:11 AM EDT
Aaron Rodgers title : NFL News, Rumors: Green Bay Packers Protect Aaron Rodgers' Secret NFL Weapon; Jordy Nelson Injury still Plagues Team
summary : The Green Bay Packers have been struggling to get back on their feet ever since the 2015 NFL Preseason started. As the NFL team try to deal with the loss of the league's most talented wide receiver, Jordy Nelson, the Green Bay Packers appear to be keen in keeping the rest of the players in their roster fit and healthy. One particular player the Green Bay Packers are practically guarding with their lives is none other than quarterback NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
date : Sep 01, 2015 09:20 AM EDT
Aaron Rodgers title : Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Slams Preseason Games; Injured Jordy Nelson Out for the Season, Reggie Wayne In
summary : The Green Bay Packers are now facing a dilemma. With the injury incurred by wide receiver Jordy Nelson during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers over the weekend, the Green Bay Packers find themselves at a loss - with the NFL team's potential shot to take home the Super Bowl trophy seemingly getting out of reach. This latest injury added to the string of injuries incurred by NFL stars since the beginning of the preseason has once again sparked outrage in the Green Bay Packers locker room, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers leading the pack.
date : Aug 25, 2015 12:58 PM EDT