Taipei Franklin Graham Festival Counting Down to Revive Taiwan

( [email protected] ) Oct 01, 2008 08:11 AM EDT

TAIPEI - In less than 30 days, Franklin Graham will be preaching in a four day evangelistic conference that will be held in Taipei, Taiwan towards the end of Oct.

The preparation committee has announced its completion in the event scheduling and stage setups. In addition, the four day event shall feature a choir of 1,600 people, contemporary songs performed by local celebrities, graffiti shows, street dance performances, and extreme sports. All of the performances, testimonies, and messages will be centered on the theme “New Life, New Hope.”

On the opening night of Taipei Franklin Graham Festival on Oct. 26, the Rocking Seed, Heavenly Melody Choir, Sunshine Singer will partner to perform a musical about the dream of a small seed. Groups such as the award-winning cheerleading team from Ming Chuan University, band and honor guard from the National Taiwan Normal University, Chinese yo-yo team from Wu Xin Elementary, jump rope team from Shi Men Elementary will be performing along side with parents and children from over 50 churches dressed up in different customs, celebrating the occasion.

The other four events will be held from Oct. 30 till Nov. 2 at the Freedom Plaza. Taiwanese pop-stars will be performing throughout the event, and celebrities who profess to be Christians will share their testimonies.

Since the festival held on Nov. 1 will be targeting the teenagers, the host committee has arranged for performances by extreme sports Chaos on Wheel, graffiti shows, street dance performances by various dance teams. Every night, the event’s designated band Tommy Coomes and Jamaica pianist Huntley Brown will be performing praise songs before the message begins, during altar calls and offerings.

Although the event is filled with performances and testimonies, the festival’s event coordination team expressed that only the Holy Spirit can touch the people and turn them around. Therefore, the staffs of the preparation team urged all churches to sincerely pray that all of the programs can be used by the Holy Spirit.

[Editor's note: reporter Ian Hwang from Taiwan contributed to this report.]