God's Goal in Communicating

( [email protected] ) Jul 07, 2009 01:39 PM EDT

1 Corinthians 2:9-14

Whenever the Lord speaks to us, He gets straight to the point. He doesn’t dance around the issue, He doesn’t engage in idle chitchat, and He doesn’t talk just for the sake of talking. God always has something specific to say. He says it precisely, and His message invariably speaks directly to our needs.

Therefore, if the Lord has something important to say, and if it is vital to a deep need in our lives, then we must be clear in asking, What is God’s primary purpose in speaking to me? What does He want me to do as a result of what He has said?

First, God speaks so that we are able to comprehend the truth. That is, He wants us to fully understand His message and absorb it into our hearts and minds.

Second, God speaks so that we may be conformed to the truth. Simply knowing biblical principles is not enough; we must apply those guidelines to our circumstances and live out the life of faith.

Third, God speaks so that we can then communicate the truth. If something is true, then it is true for everyone, everywhere, every time. Therefore, it is not enough simply to hear scriptural principles and apply them to our own lives. We must also share that life-changing information with others.

How can you better understand biblical truth? How can you more effectively apply God’s principles to your life? How can you best share them with others? The Lord holds us accountable for our answers. Open yourself to His message today, and then submit to whatever the Holy Spirit tells you.

Used with Permission