Christian Forum: Women Gather to Share in Faith, Testimony and Encouragement

Jan 14, 2003 12:41 PM EST

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - the best selling author who speaks to more than 65,000 women nationwide yearly through Bible Study conferences merges faith and technology to reach out to women in all 50 states and 52 foreign countries.

Beth Moore, bible teacher and author has recently finished the sixth videotaped session of "Believing God," an internet - driven Bible study that combines streaming video/audio, weekly homework, online study guides and community-based discussion forums. Through this online Christian community, 26,000 women from around the world study the Bible together, chat, encourage and share in faith.

In her bible study sessions, Moore included two of the stories posted on the live chat forum of true testimonies of faith. 250 women share their faith daily on the forum.

Moore spoke of a 32-year old mother of two who is going through chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

"I just wanted to share with all of you that I have my eyes fixed on God through Believing God," the woman wrote in the community forum. "God has blessed me so richly through all of this."

The second story Moore told was of a woman who was ready to leave her husband before she began the Believing God study.

"Before I signed up for this Bible study, I was separated from my husband," she wrote. "I was ready to move out and had paperwork drawn up. I have torn up the paperwork, unpacked my bags and moved out of my daughter's bedroom. I realized that if God can move the mountains, part the seas and raise the dead, then saving this marriage is a walk in the park as far as he is concerned."

Other comments shared in the Believing in God community forum includes:

--"I just wanted you to know that I believe God led me to begin this Bible study at this time. Little did I know that two weeks into the study I would be diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.... This study speaks to me in such a mighty way right now. Only God could have orchestrated that for me."

--"In April 2002, I gave birth to my first son who was born with a rare heart defect. Two weeks following open-heart surgery, our baby died. I couldn't believe God had done this to me. I have been so angry at God and am now finally starting to see a change because of him. I started the Bible study in hopes of helping me deal with my grief for my son and to strengthen my relationship with the Father who watches over me and is holding my son in his arms now. I have grown so much already and am so thankful for this study."

Those interested in joining the 10 week online course need only $14 dollars registration fee; there are no books or resources required.

Bill Seaver, project coordinator for the study said, "This course offers value and convenience -- two key elements in reaching women who are stretched for time and budget-conscious."

The Bible study was taped at Moore's home church, First Baptist in Houston, Texas, and then placed on the Internet. More than 3,000 women in Houston attend the live taping, Seaver said.

"Women can join the Internet study at any time because it will remain online indefinitely," he said.

By Pauline C.