Embracing Change

( [email protected] ) Sep 18, 2008 04:47 AM EDT

Change is a natural element of life. We all know we can benefit from positive change, but the question is: how do we make those changes last?

The Stages of Change Model by Prochaska and DiClemente consists of five stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, ready for action, action and maintenance.

Stage 1: Often people are unaware that their bad habit—whatever it may be—is jeopardizing their health, and they don’t know that they could make a healthy change to improve their life. This is because, in the stage of Pre-contemplation, they are unaware of the need for change.

Stage 2: Have you ever said something like, “I need to start exercising,” but then don’t do anything about it? Maybe you aren’t doing anything about it because you feel the hours you spend watching and wishing you looked like Jennifer Aniston are more important than actually working toward getting a body like her. This stage is Contemplation, when we process information about the effects that will occur when the change is finally made.

Stage 3: As you watch television and admire the healthy looking actors and models, you aspire to look healthy too. You are starting to realize the pros and cons of your desired change. You begin to think of how you could go to the gym before work, walk the dog after dinner or purchase a home treadmill—you are developing strategies and steps necessary to adopt your new habit. This stage is the Ready for Action phase.

Stage 4: Do you start your mornings with an hour of rejuvenating exercise at your new health club? Take efforts to be more social around the office? This stage is Action, when you are actively involved in taking the necessary steps to change aspects of your life. This stage lasts approximately six months.

Stage 5: When the alarm sounds before sunrise and your comfortable bed is far more enticing than your cold, tight running shoes, you have entered the stage of Maintenance. You begin to realize the possibility of a relapse and start developing strategies to prevent it. Returning to your old ways can be discouraging, but is normal as most people cycle through all stages before settling into maintenance.

Begin changing today!

Realizing that most people enter into contemplation, but often have a difficult time leaping to action because they don’t know what to do Truestar has personalized meal plans, exercise plans and a Goals Setting Program to assist you on the road to change. Maintaining these habits can be challenging if you don’t have a tracking system or a form of gratification, which is why the Truestar SPTS Daily Life Improvement Checklist helps you to maintain your habits daily and keep you on track.


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