Gospel Goes Global with ScriptureMail

Bible verse e-mails target religious internet niche
Aug 19, 2003 04:21 PM EDT

Richmond, VA -- In the beginning, Christian believers shared the Bible's message through word-of-mouth, scrolls, manuscripts, and worn Bibles. Today, there's ScriptureMailT, taking the concept of electronic sharing to realms of -- shall we say -- biblical proportions. Debuting nationwide in 2003, ScriptureMailT offers a high-tech twist on modern-day discipleship. At ScriptureMail.com, Christians can create a personal e-mail account with a Bible verse in the address. More than 500 of the most well-known scriptural references are available for selection.

For example, if your name is Jane Smith and your favorite scripture passage is the New Testament's oft-quoted chapter about love, your email address could be [email protected] Or if you find comfort in Matthew 7:7 ("Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."), you might opt for [email protected] An infinite choice of prefixes (i.e., janesmith, jane1, jsmith) ensures that any number of believers can select the same verse.

In addition to having a biblical e-mail address, every e-mail sent has a link at the bottom that immediately displays the sender's Bible verse or chapter, creating a unique opportunity for senders to silently witness via this electronic emissary.

ScriptureMailT accounts are available at an affordable price of $8.99 annually for basic services and $24.95 annually for accounts with enhanced features such as increased storage space, automatic virus-scanning and the ability to retrieve/send e-mail through popular programs such as Microsoft(r) Outlook(r).

Fundraising Avenue In addition to individual e-mail accounts available on the ScriptureMailT web site, churches and Christian ministries stand to benefit significantly from an affiliate program that features a blissfully easy fundraising component. There's no charge for organizations to register as affiliates and agree to provide a link to ScriptureMailT on their web site. When members of the church or ministry sign up for a ScriptureMail account through this partnership, the organization receives $3 for every new, qualified, Basic ScriptureMailT account and $1.00 per renewed, qualified Basic ScriptureMailT account. Affiliates receive $5 for every new, qualified Enhanced ScriptureMailT account and $2 for every renewed, qualified Enhanced ScriptureMailT account -- providing affiliates with an effortless source of income for years.

"Fundraising for mission trips, youth activities, educational materials and other supplies is always a challenge for religious groups in today's economy," noted Bob Broxton, a retired attorney and the man-on-a-mission guy who beget ScriptureMailT. The convenient affiliate program eliminates the need for those devilish up-front fees or time-consuming fulfillment hassles. "It's a win-win because members can share their faith through a ScriptureMailT account and help their church or ministry at the same time," added Broxton.

ScriptureMail Background The genesis of ScriptureMailT came as a revelation to Broxton, who was raised a Southern Baptist in Montgomery, Ala., and is now a practicing Presbyterian, when he analyzed the worldwide popularity of e-mail and concluded that technology could be recruited as a new millennium apostle to share the Bible with others. After retiring in 1995 from a distinguished legal career in Washington, D.C., he relocated to Richmond, Va., and is dedicating his golden years to ScriptureMailT. Following an extensive search of international e-mail providers for ScriptureMailT, Broxton partnered with the ApexMail network because of the company's ability to provide full-featured e-mail accounts that are virtually spam-free and virus-protected. He also selected RightMinds, a full-service marketing firm in Richmond, Va., to manage ScriptureMailT's national launch and media relations strategy.

"We are very pleased to include ScriptureMailT in the family of economical web-based e-mail solutions provided by ApexMail," said Todd Sauder, manager of business development for ApexMail USA, Inc. "Our company takes pride in endorsing this breakthrough product to spread the word of the Bible using cutting-edge e-mail technology that protects against viruses and spam. Christians around the world will love ScriptureMailT!"

"ScriptureMailT literally transforms Christians into 21st century e-missionaries with just a click of the computer mouse," observes Broxton, whose own ScriptureMailT address is [email protected] "I get so excited about the idea of having Bible verses encircling the globe everyday and bringing people closer to God, just as Christ commanded us to do with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20."

For more information on ScriptureMailT or to set up your own Bible-based e-mail account, visit www.ScriptureMail.com.