Ministry to Orphans and Women Opening Up in Romania

( [email protected] ) Nov 14, 2003 11:32 AM EST

God is opening doors to the proclamation of gospel in Romania. Missionary Barbara Gibson and her husband Pete who have served for ten years in Romania report that there are many opportunities to impact people by introducing Christ through orphanages and orphan homes through out the country. Romania is known for its overcrowded, state-run orphanages during the Communist era.

"The doors are wide open for ministry in the orphanages and the orphan homes ... as well as for the establishment of orphan homes by different organizations," Barbara Gibson says.

The missionary expresses her joy of serving such ministry. "I've seen as many as three or four children, siblings in different orphanages having grown through the system, and then to have them taken from the big orphanages, brought together, and combined again as a little unit -- brothers and sisters living in an orphan home," she says. "It's a joy to see that happen."

She also sees the need of women’s ministry in Romania. Ministry in Romania is not limited to children. "There's a big need for someone to invest time in women's ministry in Romania," Gibson says. "I know that there is a place for women in the Church, and I just think that we need to reach out to the women."

She adds that that aspect of mission work in Romania is one in which fellow believers can join with her in prayer. "Maybe someone would feel led to contact us about doing a women's conference and minister in that way," she says.

Gibson says there are still sections of Romania where it is difficult to share Christ because of the influence of the Orthodox Church. She asks everyone to join her in prayer for Romania mission.