Dangers in the Middle East

“Conspirators against Muslim nations” expected to continue in Middle East and North Africa
( [email protected] ) Jan 08, 2004 08:58 PM EST

Christians in the Middle East are living under greater threat due to rising Muslim attacks, says the Inter-National Needs Network (IN), a ministry that connects Christian partners in the developed and developing countries around the world through evangelism, discipleship, and community development.

A new audiotape released by Al-Qaida calls on Muslims to continue their holy war which means oppression against “conspirators against Muslim nations” will continue in the areas of the Middle East and North Africa.

Because Christianity is often associated with the West, it is especially dangerous for them---but the persecution they experience often serves to strengthen their resolve.

IN Network's Rody Rodeheaver acknowledges ministry can be difficult, but he sees some light as more people come to know Christ through the Western ministries. “One of the ways we're doing that is through mail and Bible courses. Many people are coming to know Christ, but they need to be discipled. We need to pray that God will use these Bible lessons, both to introduce people to Christ as well as to help them grow in their faith," Rodeheaver says.

The Inter-National Needs Network (IN) connects Christian partners in the developed and developing world in evangelism, discipleship and community development. IN is convinced the most effective way to reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ is through Christians in their own countries.

Rodeheaver says because people are responding, "Therein lies the exposure to danger and that's where the church worldwide needs to really pray that God will keep His hand over these people whose work in this area is so critical; that they are allowed to grow, because it's out of that that, the church in these countries is going to expand."