BGEA's TV/Telephone Ministry Recieves the Millionth Call

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2004 12:11 PM EST

Billy Graham’s Evangelistic Association’s TV/Telephone Ministry (TVTM) reflects upon its crucial role in evangelism as it received a millionth phone call last December in response to a Billy Graham telecast.

Tom Philips, vice president of Crusades and training for BGEA said, “We knew that there were incredible ministry needs out there that we had never tapped." Philips was at that time when a man named Billy made the millionth phone call.

When Billy told Philips about his depressed life and broken relationships, calling himself a “sinner,” Philips led him in a prayer and explained about how we are separated from God.

Philips said, "The Bible tells us that we are separated from God by sin, and the remedy for that sin is the cross."

"Thousands of volunteers and hundreds of churches are blessed [by TVTM]," said Phillips. "And now, so is Billy, our millionth caller."

Kurt Jauch, TVTM operations supervisor, was pleased to see the improvement in phone evangelizing among the new volunteers – before they used to be very nervous when talking on the phone but now they rather very excited about what they are doing.

"Answering the phones is an easy form of evangelism because Mr. Graham or Franklin Graham has encouraged the TV audience to 'call the number,'" Jauch said.

Asheville phone worker Vicki O'Shields said she gained confidence in witnessing through TVTM, "Would you like to receive Christ into your heart? I feel more confident in my witness," she said. "Now I can look someone in the eye and say, 'Do you know Jesus Christ?'"

TVTM now has 10 call centers in the United States and Canada, and one in the Bahamas. Additionally, some churches have small call centers with locally trained leadership. The newest call center was opened in Asheville, last June.