CCC Big Break Follow-Up

( [email protected] ) Mar 26, 2004 09:06 AM EST

The Big Break Spring Conference this year at the Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach,Fl., helped students invited nationwide by Campus Crusade for Christ USA to witness God on a deeper level in their faith.

The conferences were offered three times during the month of March. The first fruits of the conferences were the students who attended the first leg of the event.

During their week-long break to know God through lectures and fellowship, students also had the opportunity to make Him known on the beaches.

"The outreach at Big Break is great. What I see God doing in the outreach is amazing. I am in shock how open people are on the beach. There are so many lives that already changing and it was just the first day," commented Patrick Michael, a student from Virginia Tech.

Teal Robillard, a student from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, said his trust in God grew from the conference.

"Big Break has been a time for me to get away and realize that no matter how many friends I have back home or how many people I have in my life back home, that God is the only one who is there for me all the time and I can always rely on him and I can always go to him and he is always faithful."

With around 1,300 students who attended the first week, participants had plenty of followers of Christ to receive encouragement from.

"At Big Break you are around so many other Christians and you are seeing how they live their lives. That was something that really hit me this year: These people really have something different than I do," said James Madison University student April Amendola.

The last leg of the three-series conference ends this Saturday.