CCC at Penn College Actively Serves God

( [email protected] ) Mar 29, 2004 04:23 PM EST

Members of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) at Penn College of Technology in Williamsport, PA., are excited about an upcoming concert with Derek Webb of Caedmon’s Call on April 20 at the Penn College Field House, already selling a third of the 300 available tickets. The focus won't be just on music but reaching out to others and pleasing God, said the ministry's president.

"A lot of people try to incorporate music as a worship. Music is a conduit to get people into the mindset of worship. You don't need music. It just gets you in the mindset," told president of CCC at Penn College John Glick to The Christian Post. "Worship is anything. In the Bible, it says worship God with your lifestyle and worship is anything that pleases God."

According to Glick, the campus ministry is much needed at Penn College.

"Penn College has its problems like partying and drinking. I think that makes God unhappy," said the junior. Glick states one the goals he has as president is for Campus Crusade to grow beacuse he wants the campus to spread the Gospel.

Earlier this month, the group was able to sharpen their evangelism skills during CCC's annual Big Break spring break conference in Panama City, FL.

Glick reflected on the experience, saying, "It was really hard to some people and some people haven't done this type of things before. It was really encouraging to see some people who were more shy talking about their belief and testimony. When you're done, you just feel great because you've accomplished something for Christ. Once you do it, it gets easier to talk to other about Jesus Christ."

After returning from the event, the campus ministry has been continuing with their mission--preaching and evangelizing. The group offers small group meetings once a week called, "Thursday Thursday", and invite a pastor from a local church to deliver sermon once a month for the "Primetime" event.

Glick believes the testimonies shared during the small groups are most effective in helping people develop in faith.

"I feel that's a good thing because it's one thing to hear a message from a pastor who is older and not facing the same thigns we face but I think it's so beneficial to have someone your own age facing struggles and still staying strong for Jesus Christ," he said.

Aside from participating in on-campus activities, the group also occassionally attends a once-a-week cafe offered by First United Methodist Church to the support the Christian youth gathering as an alternative to secular culture. Set Apart, the praise team of Penn's CCC, has also performed at the BreakAway Cafe once.

Taking into consideration the cultural issues in debate, Bible studies at CCC have also addressed current issues such as homosexuality.

"There have been a few Bible studies where we do address the issue," said Glick. "It is an abominiation and it is a sin. We do love our fellow people. We basically pray for them and instruct our people not to talk or make fun of them. We believe they are deceived and it's really a stronghold Satan has. There isn't much we can do except pray for them."

Ultimately, Campus Crusade hopes it will be a ministry used to proclaim the love of Gospel to others.

"We want to present the Gospel in a way that won’t push people away," Glick said. "We want to make it (the fellowship) a fun place where they come to hear the truth of God."