Chinese Bible Ministry Confirmed Second Meeting Location

The exhibition will be held in Los Angeles at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County
( [email protected] ) Feb 25, 2005 02:54 AM EST

The United States tour of the deputation of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches (TSPM) and China Christian Council (CCC) is almost coming to an end. From this tour, it is confirmed that the Chinese Bible ministry exhibition will be held in New York City and Los Angeles in autumn of this year.

Recently, after having visited Washington D.C, New York City, and Chicago, the tour of Chinese Christian leaders deputation arrived in Los Angeles, where they made the confirmation to hold the Bible ministry exhibition in the famous Crystal Cathedral located Orange County. Another place confirmed to hold the exhibition is at the San John Divine Cathedral in New York City, which is the biggest cathedral in the United States.

The deputation, which includes Rev. Sheng-jie Cao, President of CCC, Ms. Mei-lin Chan, Associate Executive General Secretary and Director of International Liaison Department of CCC, Ms.Xiu-ling Wang, Associate Chief of the Christian Section of Bureau of Religious Affairs, and other officials, also visited different communities in the West Coast. In Monterey Park, where more than 45% of the population is Chinese, Mayor Kuo-ch'ing Wu said that the visit of the deputation of CCC was very important, which allowed him to get a better grasp on development of religions in China, and enhanced the understanding and communication capability between China and the United States.

The deputation will depart United States on Feb 26. From Feb 27 to Feb 28, they will further lay out the blue print of a more detailed plan on the upcoming Bible ministry exhibition.