CCCOWE Movement Head Visits Africa, Reaches Out to Local Chinese Churches

Feb 13, 2009 08:14 AM EST

Chinese Coordination Centre on World Evangelism (CCCOWE) International Director Rev. Morley Lee began his three-week Africa visitation, during which he cared and encouraged the local Chinese churches and missionaries, and invited them to participate in CCCOWE’s movement and ministry. A recent trip report was released on its website.

On Jan. 29, Rev. Lee and the CCCOWE Vice Executive Director elder Huang Liang Yu departed Hong Kong for Mauritius. After staying there for few days, they went to Reunion, Johannesburg in South Africa, and Madagascar on the return trip.

In Mauritius, the main purpose of the team was to initiate the active participation of CCCOWE movement by the Chinese Churches and Chinese Christians residing around the Indian Ocean. According to the report, the local churches welcomed Lee and his team warmly. Lee not only shared the work of CCCOWE’s ministry in the local churches, he also reached out to the local young ministers, urging them to participate in CCCOWE’s English track in order to prepare for the growing needs of the next generations of Chinese.

Then, on February 4, Rev. Lee and his team went to Reunion, a French controlled island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Mauritius, and met with the chairman of CCCOWE Indian Ocean region Rev. Huang Shen Feng and chairman of CCCOWE east Africa region Rev. Lai Hsian Kwan and Mrs. Kwan to confer about CCCOWE’s ministry services in the French territories and how to make Reunion a mission base for the French regions. Through the work of CCCOWE’s Indian Ocean district, they hope to connect the believers with missions.

To attend the Johannesburg Chinese Mission Forum, Lee departed to Johannesburg on February 6. At the forum, missionaries from South Africa, United States, Korea, China, Singapore, Holland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and various other places shared their ministry’s work and prayed together. Following the meeting, the international director led various local gatherings.

On February 10, Lee arrived in conflict-stricken Tamatave, where serious political unrests are taking place. While visiting the local church ministers and Chinese, Lee heard from the local churches’ sharing of God’s protection when the violence broke out and he gave a prayer petitioning for peace for the country.

After sharing the recent plans of CCCOWE and the preparation progress for the eighth CCCOWE conference, Lee and his team returned to Antananarivo, the capital of Tamatave, on February 11, and they have scheduled to leave by this coming Saturday or Sunday.

While in South Africa, Lee, who is the Lausanne International Deputy Director of North Asia, will meet with Lausanne Movement’s International Director Rev. Doug Birdsall along with various other Chinese mission organizations’ leaders to strategize the preparation for Lausanne III Congress to be held in Cape Town in 2010.

Reporter Sharon Chan contributed to this report.