Habitat Reaches 100 Nation Goal

( [email protected] ) Jun 23, 2004 05:20 PM EDT

Habitat for Humanity International announced several milestones in the non-profit Christian aid organization’s history. The first goal, which will be achieved by mid 2004, is the addition of 8 more habitat countries. By serving in these nations, along with the current 92, Habitat will be reaching 100 countries – more than half the nations in the world. In addition, Habitat confirmed that it would build its 200,000th home and house its millionth person in a Habitat home by the end of 2005.

Paul Leonard, a longtime volunteer and former board chair, will be managing the direction of the global humanitarian group as it expands its reach to serve the needy.

“Now that we are working in more than half the countries in the world, we grow ever closer to our ultimate goal – a world in which everyone has, at minimum, a simple, decent, affordable place to live,” said Leonard, of Davidson, N.C.

The newly added nations are: Angola, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Laos, Myanmar, Macedonia, Turkey and Micronesia. Leonard will be working alongside Millard Fuller- Habitat’s founder, CEO and president, and David Williams -executive vice president and chief operating officer of HH, to provide “day-to-day direction and management” in serving these new nations.

Leonard, Williams and Fuller will also be guiding Habitat as it builds it 200,000th home and house its millionth person by the end of next year. This new milestone will follow the 2004’s great track record, at which Habitat marked its 50,000th house in both the United States and Latin America/Caribbean regions.

“The view, looking backward and forward, is remarkable,” says Rey Ramsey, chair of Habitat’s international board and CEO of One Economy Corp., Washington, D.C. “We have gone places and done things few thought possible, and we are positioned for a dynamic future.”

Additionally, Habitat will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2006.

Leonard expressed a deep joy and gratitude for his new post.

“I am so proud to again be working with leadership at Habitat,” said Leonard. “Everyone is so committed to the mission, to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, to building a better world through better housing.”