WER Gathering Funds for Orphanages in China

World Emergency Relief brings funds for orphan education
( [email protected] ) Dec 22, 2004 10:54 PM EST

Recently, WER (Hong Kong) has started a program called "Education Aid for Orphans in Yao-Yang province", which aims to provide one hundred orphans in the province with basic needs for living and education. Donors are to donate about $15 monthly, which is adequate for the basic needs of living and education of one single orphan. Through this project, by providing the financial support, WER wishes that needy kids can enjoy privileges in being able to learn things that they can contribute to the society in the future. The workers of WER joined other local welfare organizations to visit the kids to show their concern for them.

You Yang province is situated in Chongqing. Most of the residents are from tiny tribes. It is hilly and most of the residents earn their living by farming. They are poor and lacking financially. According to the governing bodies in You Yang province, the annual income per person there is no more than approx. $2.64.

Miss Tam-Yue Qing, the executive director for the WER East Asian division visited the orphans last July.

She stated that the children pressingly needed help. United States is abundant both in materials and in cultures. United States citizens are lucky while many others are struggling. She wishes that people abroad can be more broadened to the needs of others in many other parts of the world. She hopes that people worldwide can build up a sense of responsibility to the kids in the Yao- Yang province and commit themselves to help them. She wishes that people will know how to give out what they have and share with the poor children.

Miss Tam added that after the donation drive was promoted in Sunday schools, more people showed more concerned about those orphans and were willing to donate to them. Some pupils were committed to saving 2 dollars daily and asking their parents to donate 2 dollars everyday. By doing this, they gather enough for their monthly donation.

The World Emergency Relief (WER) was established in 1985. WER is an interdenominational fellowship of Christians worldwide, working together to help people in need. Due to God's love of this world He created, with the wish to "give children a living chance. WER has been bringing relief to the physical, economic, emotional and spiritual emergencies afflicting millions, especially children for 20 years. These two years, WER (Hong Kong) has launched two projects – aiding Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong and AIDS infected orphans in China.