Faith and Commitment

Oct 16, 2003 04:23 PM EDT

A recent poll of Europeans says many find religion important but few find time to attend service. Based on face to face interviews taken between Mardch 1999 and October 2000 with representative samples in 32 countries throughout Europe. The poll was conducted by an European Values Study Foundation for "The European Values Study: A Third Wave," a newly issued report. The tables were prepared by Tilburg University.

In western Europe, most people did not find themselves belonging to a denomination; however revealed high considerations for religion and attend services at least a few times a month. France showed most frequent attendance in service while Germany showed highest degree of consideration for religion.

In eastern Europe, the two countries - Czech Republic and Poland were polarized into two extremes: Czech Republic finds the strongest identities in denominations and cherishes a primal importance of religion in their lives; consistently attends services frequently; while Poland showed the least degree of religious fervor with the lowest dgreee of consideration for religion and the least frequent attendance for service.