Ministries Respond Favorably to Wall Watchers’ Requests for Financial Information

Nov 22, 2002 03:00 AM EST

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Wall Watchers announces that several Christian ministries that had been listed on its TransparencyWatch publication have now provided Wall Watchers with the information previously requested. As a result, Wall Watchers has modified the Transparency Grades of these ministries, which also resulted in their removal from the TransparencyWatch publication. Wall Watchers commends Awana Clubs International, The Christian Research Institute, and Heaven and Home Hour for their prompt responses. “Whatever was causing the receipt of information from these ministries to be delayed has been resolved,” said Chris Hempe, President of Wall Watchers, “and a true spirit of transparency has been demonstrated. It is our hope that other ministries that have not yet responded will follow the lead of these three. Making information available in a timely manner increases the confidence donors have in ministries. Ultimately, we believe that this will cause donors to support ministries in an even greater way.

Wall Watchers also removed EAPE/Kingdomworks from the TransparencyWatch publication after discovering that this ministry had been assigned the wrong Transparency Grade. According to Hempe, EAPE/Kingdomworks had already provided the financial documents requested by Wall Watchers prior to the release of TransparencyWatch, but this was not discovered until after the publication had been released. Wall Watchers sincerely regrets any difficulties the mistake may have caused EAPE/Kingdomworks and encourages anyone with questions regarding this matter to contact Wall Watchers directly at 1-866-324-7097. An updated profile of EAPE/Kingdomworks along with the profiles of 476 other Christian ministries can be found at MinistryWatch.

By Albert H. Lee