Fundraising Efforts to Speed the Light

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

MOBILE, Al – the local Assembly of God Youth Pastor, Audie Tilman, and layman Aaron Peyregne will begin their fundraising quest for the youth group’s Speed of Light 2002 faith promise. The two men hope to raise thousands of dollars through participating in the Legg Mason Funds First Light Marathon on Sunday December 29.

Training for this event began 590 miles ago, from the first week of September, according to Tilman. “We've trained 590 miles since then and I've personally lost 30 to 35 pounds in the process."

Tillman and Peyregne hopes to finish the marathon within 4 hours and 30 minutes.

"Our goal was to get 100 people to sponsor us for $1 a mile," Tillman said. "We haven't got quite to 100 people yet, but so far we have a little over $5,200 pledged," said Tilman.

Even though their ambitious goal has not been met, all efforts will result in a much-needed gift to the Speed of Light.

"We're [the Calvary youth group] not quite to our Speed the Light faith promise goal yet," Tillman said, "but this will help."

Those interested in sponsoring can contact the two men at [email protected]

And what is Tillman going to do once he finishes the 26.2 miles? "Well, they have all sorts of post-race events," he said, "but I'll probably just come home and soak my knees--and Lord willing, I'll be at church that night."

By Paulina C.