Poll Shows Increased Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts

( [email protected] ) Feb 24, 2004 12:14 AM EST

BOSTON – Even though the same-sex marriage was legalized In Massachusetts three months ago, Nov. 18, a Boston Globe poll indicated that the majority of people in the state disagree with same-sex marriage.

According to the poll conducting 400 adults, the opposition to same-sex marriage has increased by 10 percent. In the earlier poll, 48 percent supported legalizing same-sex marriages while 43 percent were opposed but in the new poll, only 35 percent supported legalizing gay marriage and 53 percent were opposed.

"There has clearly been a backlash against the court ruling," said Gerry Chervinsky, the president of KRC Communications Research of Newton, which conducted the poll.

The poll also questioned the possibility of receiving approval of the three amendments proposed by lawmakers as the voters shown to be not in favor of the amendments.

The Associated Press said:

_ An amendment that would restrict marriage to heterosexuals was opposed 47 percent to 45 percent in favor. That amendment stated that "nothing in this article requires or prohibits civil unions," but did not establish or define them, or explicitly give the Legislature the ability to create them.

_ An amendment that would restrict marriages to heterosexuals, but also mandate the creation of a civil union system for same-sex couples, was opposed 49 percent to 36 percent in favor.

_ An amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman and establishing civil unions, but leaving it to the legislature to define what benefits civil unions provide, was opposed 55 percent to 30 percent in favor.

The poll also indicated differences of opinion among residents based on age, party affiliation, gender and religious affiliation.

Observing the results based on age, gender, religious affiliation, and religious affiliation, the poll shows that male respondents opposed same-sex marriage more than women; respondents over the age of 40 opposed it more than those under age 40; Catholics strictly opposed legalizing same-sex marriage whereas 47 percent of Protestants opposed it and 38 percent supported it (among Catholics, the percentage of those who oppose gay marriage increased from 47 percent to 66 percent); Republicans more strictly opposed it than Democrats.