Foursquare Bible College Philippines Turns-Out Six Graduates

Mar 23, 2009 02:01 PM EDT

The Cebu Foursquare Bible College, Philippine (CFBC), one of the ministries of the Foursquare Gospel Church in the Philippines has turned out six graduates from the college.

Giving a charge to the graduates at the 46th Commencement Exercises held in the Church premises in Cebu on Sunday March 22, 2009, the General Supervisor (GS) for Foursquare Philippines, Rev. Delfin L. Corona urged them to be fully committed to God as they discharge their ministerial assignments.

He told them that God doesn’t give up on any of His servants no matter the circumstance and that theirs wouldn’t be an exception.

He stated that the three year of studies in the College isn’t a guarantee for their success as ministers of the gospel, but their continuous faithfulness to God, “You must continue to be faithful to him who has called each and every one of you as ministers of the gospel.”

He further pointed out that God will continue to mold them for His purpose until they come out in their best, “God is the one who molds us as His children and He’ll continue to do so until He gets the best He wants out of us. God’s always very steadfast to those who obey his great commission.”

Rev. Corona urged the students to be ready always to be fashioned by God in all they do and that God’s purpose for His servants is for them to be focused as they carry out their divine assignment.

“One other purpose of God for us is to make us to be fishers of men, to reach out to our neighbors. Our immediate neighbors here in the Philippines are the Muslims in Mindanao and we must sacrifice all we’ve got to reach out to them,” he also said.

He continued: “We as God’s laborers need to release God’s love to these our Muslim neighbors. And if you’re a friend of God you must love your neighbors as you love yourself even as the scriptures stipulate.”

In his own contribution, the Director of the College and the Academic Dean, Pastor Rejulson Lagunero, urged the graduates to be steadfast in all they do for the Lord as God will reward them for their faithfulness as God’s servants.

“I charge you to be focused in all you do and do not look left or right. Depend on God for all you need to be successful as ministers of the gospel,” he added.

Foursquare Gospel Church in the Philippines with over 80, 000 members, was establish in 1949 and is a member of the Associations Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (APCEC).

And it’s a common believe by all members that the Foursquare family in the Philippines has been raised by the Lord as a major player in the task of National transformation through the proclamation of the Foursquare Gospel to all levels of society, in the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.