June 15 in Christian History

Jun 15, 2010 02:07 PM EDT

1520 - Leo X issued the papal encyclical 'Exsurge Domine,' which condemned German Reformer Martin Luther as a heretic on 41 counts and branded him an enemy of the Roman Catholic Church.

1649 - Margaret Jones of Charlestown became the first person tried and executed for witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts.

1686 - In Boston, the King's Chapel was organized. It was the first Anglican church established in colonial New England.

1950 - American missionary martyr Jim Elliot wrote in his journal: 'A man without Christ has his roots only in his own times, and his fruits as well.'

1979 - Greater Europe Mission moved its headquarters from Chicago to Wheaton, Illinois. Founded in 1949, GEM is an evangelical missionary agency involved in church planting and evangelism in over a dozen European countries.

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