OS X Yosemite Problems: Users Report Wi-fi Connectivity Issues, Private Email Addresses Sent to iCloud

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2014 05:17 PM EDT
OS X Yosemite
OS X Yosemite

It's understandable that most software launches have issues, but Apple's latest operating system upgrade, OS X Yosemite, plays host to a few serious bugs that have Mac users quite upset. With everything from wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity issues to a bug that uploads unsaved documents to iCloud, we have yet to hear from Apple regarding a hotfix.

Once famous for its bug-free launches, Apple products, including the recent iPhone 6 release, are rife with problems. Consumer Affairs reports on the most wide-spread issue with wi-fi connectivity loss and compounded problems that stem from a multitude of workarounds from users on Apple's support site.

"I tried one such method and found that, while it did nothing to make my wi-fi connection more stable, it killed my Bluetooth, rendering my trackpad useless. I went through the set-up process again and it was revived, at least for now."

One user on Mac Rumor's forum adds, "There must be about two dozen so-called fixes now on this forum. I've tried every single one of them and none of them work." Most Mac users advise to simply revert back to the previous Mavericks version of OS X.

The week-old OS update is to blame for other wi-fi issues, including dissappearing devices on the network, no address assignment, and just downright slow connections. The problem for Apple support is that these issues are seemingly difficult to replicate and there's no real common denominator -- except each user's recent upgrade to Yosemite.

Bluetooth is also said to show signs of lag after the Yosemite install. Apple Insider is reporting on several specific Bluetooth issues ranging from latency problems with Apple and non-Apple accessories, including headphones and speakers. While some first believed that the lag was isolated to the notebooks, other users are reporting Bluetooth lag on the Mac Mini, as well.

But perhaps most frightening of the new Yosemite issues is one that open source developer Landon Fuller reports regarding unapproved information being sent to Apple's iCloud. "Traffic log of Yosemite auto-syncing unsaved documents w/ iCloud *before* the user has selected where to save them," Fuller tweeted this weekend. This auto-sync bug uploads both unsaved documents and email contacts to iCloud.

But some users are saying that this is a feature, not a bug, as you can disable auto-save and reverse the changes in system preferences. Either way, the issue that many users have is that the cloud uploading is done without their consent by default.

Apple has not issued a confirmation of these issues or word on a fix at this time.