‘Bojack Horseman’ Season 4 Release Date, Spoilers of Season 3, and Ten Questions that Need to Be Answered

Jul 25, 2016 09:08 AM EDT

Last Friday, fans of the animated anthropomorphic series Bojack Horseman finally got their wish as Season 3 showed up in its complete form on Netflix.  The show really took some interesting turns this season, and there are already plans for a Season 4.  These are Ten Questions that need to be answered for Season 4, and its release date. 

Season 3 of Bojack Horseman began with the possibility of the half-man, half-horse, all washed out sitcom star winning an Oscar for Secretariat, a film that he wasn't even in, due to his leaving the film and the special effects team inserting him in digitally.   Sadly, this didn't work out, as he wasn't even nominated, or at least he might have been if not for Mr. Peanutbutter. 

Most of the season focused on what Bojack wanted to do with his life, even though it sounds like he has achieved his dream of getting back his success since the cancellation of Horsin' Around.  The show really explored its existential themes as Bojack didn't get his award, but attempted a reboot with Reggie Around, which is kind of like his version of Fuller House

This season had some great stand-out episodes, such as Episode 4, which is done almost without any dialogue, and it illustrates what the show is about: how we never truly communicate with others.  Not only that, it really built the world of Bojack with the underwater city. 

Then there was Episode 6, which was about abortion.  I'm surprised that I haven't heard any protest about this episode, but honestly, it actually deals with how the public perceives abortion rather than the ethics of it.  It felt a lot like the satirical film Thank You For Smoking, but with abortion in the spotlight instead of tobacco. 

The thing about Bojack Horseman is that it really shines when it isn't funny, an animated show that you can really take seriously.  The death of Sarah Lynn really hit Bojack hard, and it will lead to a lot of grief in Season 4. 

1.       Why has Bojack's Second Show Not Shown to Viewers?

On Episode 2, there was a flashback to 2007, and Bojack was planning his comeback with The Bojack Horseman Show.  The show was greenlit, but Bojack and his co-writer decided to change it at the last minute, and it failed afterwards.  What is interesting is how this is portrayed as Bojack's second show was never shown, but only told.  As a viewer, I want to see how bad this show really was. 

2.        Who is the Teenage Girl Calling Bojack?

The big bait to Season 4 was this unknown teenage girl that is calling Bojack.  This girl bore a surprising resemblance to Bojack?  Is this Bojack's lovechild?  It's pretty clear that is what the viewer is supposed to think, which leads to the discussion of who is the mother?  This could easily be something big for Season 4. 

3.       Will Princess Carolyn's New Managing Career and Relationship Work Out?

Princess Carolyn was always such a workaholic agent, and her relationships never worked out.  This time, her business that she started at the end of Season 2 went under, as well as her working and personal relationship with Bojack.  She did start a relationship with mouse guy (which is odd as she is a cat, but no one questions interspecies relationships in Bojack's universe), but then she suddenly decided to be a manager and not an agent. 

4.       Is Mr. PeanutButter Going to be Governor?

One of the low points on Bojack Horseman Season 3 is that immediately after the death of Sarah Lynn, there was this zany plot about a load of spaghetti about to kill a fish city.  Mr. Peanutbutter springs into action with his spaghetti strainers and a lot of other intersecting plotlines that feels like an even more far-fetched conclusion of Seinfeld.  Still, it established that Mr. Peanutbutter is a hero, and his first ex-wife (the second is Jessica Biel) wants him to be governor of California.  Will he succeed?  Hey, if it worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, why not? 

5.       What is Diane's Next Career?

Diane was being interview for her new job at the end of Season 3.  Apparently, it looks like something more than tweets for celebrities.  The issue is it sounds like the interviewer was saying that she might have to do some expose on her own husband. 

6.       What is Bojack's Next Move?

After Bojack had an epiphany with his young girl co-star of Reggie Around, he realized that he was making another Sarah Lynn.  He then fled the set in his new Tesla car, and it looked like he was going to have a serious accident.  In the end, he just wanted to see some running horses.  These were not wild horses, as there are no animals in Bojack's universe, but they appeared to be track runners, or something.  It might be that Bojack was having some revelation about his hero Secretariat.  Perhaps he won't be coming back again. 

7.       Is Reggie Around Still Going to Air?

It seems like Bojack has fled once again, like he did in Season 2 for Secretariat.  Considering they filmed the rest of the movie without him, it is possible that they could do Reggie Around without him.  Then Bojack will be a star again. 

8.       Shouldn't There Be More Fallout After Sarah Lynn's Death?

Before Sarah Lynn died, Bojack went on a bender with her.  In this time, he confessed actions committed in Season 2 about hitting on his deer friend (Charlotte) and her daughter (Penny).  This was in front of a group of 12-steppers, and it is possible that no one reported it.  However, when Bojack went to Ohio, he talked to Penny and people took pictures of it.  He really shouldn't have done that, and he did it with Sarah Lynn.  Why didn't anyone report on that after Sarah Lynn's death, and why wasn't Bojack investigated?  After all, Sarah Lynn died apparently of a drug overdose. 

9.       Is Todd Asexual?

Todd had a lot of stuff happen to him as he started a company and sold it off for 8 million dollars.  Of course, he gave it as a tip, but what is interesting is how he confessed to his friend Emily that he isn't gay, or straight.  He says that he doesn't know what he is, which makes me wonder if he is asexual, and if this will be explored in Season 4.  

10.   Is it Possible that Diane's Baby is Bojack's?

I'm going to throw this out there, even though it might not be true. As mentioned before, Diane had an abortion this season, but here's the deal: she had only been back with Mr. Peanutbutter for an undetermined amount of time, and it looked like their marriage was in trouble.  Is it possible that when she lived over at Bojack, the two of them had sex?  Granted, that feels like something that wouldn't happen, but then again, Diane revealed that she always loved Horsin' Around, which was something that seems out of character. 

So if I had to guess, Season 4 will reveal that Bojack will want to come back to his home and friends again.  Mr. Peanutbutter will spend the season running for governor, while Diane presents to her new job some information about him that could cause him to lose the election.  As for Todd, maybe this will be the time where he moves out of Bojack's place, and figures out who he is, just like Bojack.   

Bojack will probably ride again next summer in 2017, which is his pattern.