‘Pokémon GO’ Buddy System Update Release Date and Five New Features that Fans Want to See

( [email protected] ) Sep 12, 2016 10:35 PM EDT
A new feature called the Buddy System update is coming to Pokemon GO, but what else to fans want to see?
Let your Pokemon GO Buddy do the walking! Niantic

Something that is as big as Pokémon GO has to be getting an update soon, and it looks like it is happening with the new Buddy System.  The Buddy System allows the user to have a Pokémon walk along side of them, sort of like Ash and his Pikachu.  This new feature will allow players easier access to Pokémon candy, and there are at least five other changes and features that players want to see added to the game. 

Pokémon GO Buddy System Release Date


According to iDigitalTimes, Pokémon GO's newest update has rolled out to Android devices, and iOS should also be getting it soon.  Sadly, there might be some issues with the update as I have checked my Android device, and don't see it.  There is also a report from Forbes saying that the update has not come yet, so...what's up? 

Features of the Pokémon GO Buddy System


The Buddy system allows for the player to get more candy and experience, as long as they don't mind walking.  Players select their favorite Pokémon as a buddy by clicking on the trainer icon and then on a bar in the bottom left where there should be a "buddy" option. 

The Pokémon GO Buddy System Easter Egg


Just to let you know, there is a special Pokémon GO Easter egg for those fortunate enough to have a Pikachu.  According to IGN, Pikachu will initially appear on the ground next to the player, but after walking 10 kilometers, he will jump on the avatar's shoulder. 

Is the Pokémon GO Buddy System a Big Deal?


Each Pokémon can be walked a certain amount of kilometers to get candy.  For those of you who aren't familiar with candy, it is something that you use to power up and evolve your Pokémon.  It's helpful for making them better fighters, and evolution is good for gaining experience as well as obtaining certain Pokémon instead of catching them.  Candy is obtained upon hatching an egg, catching a Pokémon, or transferring a Pokémon to the Professor.  The thing is that all Pokémon, no matter what the CP, can only be transferred for one candy. 

The thing with the Buddy system is that it gives you a reward, but it is actually quite small.  The thing is that a Pidgey (a very common Pokémon) requires walking only a kilometer to get a candy, while the Dratini requires five kilometers for its particular candy.  That really isn't much, honestly.  In other words, it is like the walk you take hatching an egg, but you won't be getting a new Pokémon, just candy. 

In addition to the Pokémon GO Buddy System update, there are a few bug fixes and Pokémon GO Plus support.  The developer also wants to be rid of "bots and scrapers" from the game, as users with rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported by the application. 

Five New Features and Changes Needed for Pokémon GO


As big as the game still is, there are features that Pokémon GO players both old and new desire.  The International Business Times brings up a lot, with the first being improved battery consumption and better server stability.  There are also other areas such as:

Pokémon GO Trading Finalized Release Date


Other Pokémon games relied on trading so players could achieve their goals, but Pokémon GO has none as yet.  Niantic talked about getting this to work at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) but the ability to interact with strangers and barter with them, is not here at the moment. 

Background Functionality for Pokémon GO with the new GO Plus


If you want to hatch and egg or check for Pokémon, the application always has to be running.  Granted, that Pokémon GO Plus bracelet will vibrate when a Pokémon or Pokestop is nearby, but will this be enough?  Personally, I would like to see the Pokémon GO Plus bracelet only vibrate when it is a Pokémon that I don't have as yet. 

Easier Healing System in Pokémon GO


Have you ever had to revive your Pokémon after a fight at a Pokémon Gym?  First you have to select Revive, and then go back to the item screen to select a Potion or Super Potion.  It is tedious and time consuming, and should all be done in one place. 

Multiple Pokémon Transfers


If you are like me, then you know what it is like to go Pokémon hunting and find seven Weedles, six Pidgeys, and eight Caterpies.  Eventually, you want to transfer them, but should you really have to do it one at a time? Some kind of check function on the Pokémon display would help. 

More Pokémon GO Diversity in Rural Areas


As someone who lives in a rural area, I can testify to this.  Going hunting for Pokémon is like collecting trading cards.  Eventually, you get the most common ones, but the super rare ones elude you.  My wife went to another town and found three Pikachus in one day, and I don't know what the pattern is for finding some of these even more rare ones.  Either I cheat and find out locations online, or Pokémon GO can introduce some more diversification in the rural Pokémon GO ecosystem.  

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