Pokemon GO Latest Update: Fixes Capture Location, Incense, Sync Issues & Bugs

( [email protected] ) Sep 27, 2016 06:14 AM EDT
The latest Pokemon GO Update 0.39.0 should be deemed to be a compulsory update for all Pokemon trainers out there as it fixes the capture location, incense, sync issues and bugs.
Pokemon Go Plus will be released on September 16. GameSpot

Pokemon GO gets updated to 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS. The question is, is it worth updating your game to the latest version? Common sense would let out a resounding “Yes!”, although one should still tread with caution as you can never quite tell whether that particular update is a dud or not until enough time has passed and users installed it without any issues. Niantic Labs does seem to have done a good job with the Pokemon Go update 0.39.0, where the app update is set to appear for iOS and Android platforms this week.

There will be new features that accompany this update, make no mistake about it, but it is not a “cure all” that many might expect, since there will be no enhanced tracking system thrown into the mix with the update despite being tested out less than a couple of months back.

Forbes claims that a “nearby” tracking system which is meant to enhance the “Sightings” feature of Pokémon GO failed to make the cut. This particular tracking system began to come under the limelight after Niantic Labs tested out this feature over in San Francisco approximately one and a half months back.

Just to get a better idea on what the Nearby tracking feature is all about, it was not only meant to offer trainers with a list of nearby Pokémon so that they are easier to track, it is also meant to provide notifications to Trainers each time there is a particular Pokémon at a specific PokéStop.

Version 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS will instead include Capture Location to its gaming app. The Pokémon GO Team explained in a blog post on how this new feature will allow players to spot just where a certain kind of Pokémon was caught, right there on the information statistics screen for easy reference. It might not be a biggie to include the Nearby tracking feature this time around, but having it miss out is bound to disappoint some people.

As for trainers who are making use of the Pokémon GO Plus peripheral, you will certainly find the new update a boon in your Pokemon catching endeavors, since it will enable the accessory to utilize Incense. Incense will do its bit to lure Pokémon to the surrounding area, from which you have a choice of ripe pickings to capture from.

Of course, as with any self-respecting update, there will be a number of bug fixes introduced to the app, and the same applies with the latest updates to Pokémon GO. No specific fixes have been mentioned, but it seems that PhoneArena claims a niggling bug that result in users being stuck on the loading screen is no longer an issue. Apart from that, the new update does seem to have handled the camera’s slow speed during battles pretty well, too.

Would you continue to wait for a little while more before you make the upgrade? So far, it does seem as though the update on both iOS and Android for Pokemon GO has been pretty stable, making it safe to make the jump.

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