iOS 10 Features, Release Date: Tips and Tricks To Explore iOS 10 in iPhone 7 and Older Devices

( [email protected] ) Oct 06, 2016 10:04 AM EDT
Exploring the possibilities of the new iPhone 7 or an older device that runs with the iOS 10 can be enjoyable if users know the actual features to look forward to.

Exploring the possibilities of the new iPhone 7 or an older device that runs with the iOS 10 can be enjoyable if users know the actual features to look forward to.

Apple released the iPhone 7 and its bigger version, the iPhone 7 Plus, on Sept. 7 along with a rollout of the iOS 10. Older devices, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, have also taken on the iOS 10 as well. Here is a list of simple iOS 10 tricks that will refresh one’s iPhone experience.

 Camera Access From Lock Screen
 These days, while smartphone cameras come with increasing complexities, the iOS 10 has brought on a simplified action to access the camera. By the swiping to the right in the lock screen, the camera app will immediately come up, making it easier to capture moments and avoid missing out.

 Siri Locates Photos
 Users can now get Siri to find photos, gaining a faster access to old pictures. One can simply open Siri and say, ‘Show me photos,’ from a certain date, leading to results taken on such day.

Replace Words With Emojis

The iMessage app now allows users to replace words with emojis. One can simply tap the button for emoji in a message. The words that can be swapped will be highlighted in orange and can then be switched.

 Stickers To Messages
 Sticker packs that was once merely used for games can now be downloaded for the iMessage app; they can easily be used when sending texts. When launching these stickers, simply go to Messages, tap on the show more icon (>), and choose the Apps button, which resembles the App Store icon. This will give you access to plenty of stickers as well as apps.

Simultaneous Opening of Two Webpages

Thanks to the iOS 10, users can now view two webpages side by side. Even users on tablets can appreciate this split view; when using Safari, they only need to press and hold a link, which will give them an option to “Open in Split.”

 3D Touch to Access Camera
 The 3D Touch has been widely known to be incorporated into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 devices. Apple is now using this technology to allow users to immediately access their phones. Simply press the Camera app icon on the home screen, resulting to a detailed menu that comes with the selfie, video and slow motion options.

 Photos with Small Sizes in Messages
 For users following a limited data plan or are simply on a budget, they can now opt to receive smaller-sized photos in iMessage. This can easily be set up by going to Settings, Messages, and then pressing the “Low Quality Image Mode.” According to ZDNet, such option will also prove helpful in times of “poor signal quality.”

Facial Recognition for Searching Photos
 iOS 10 comes with the Photos app that allows facial recognition; when heading to the Albums and then to People, the user can look through those who are recognized. Interestingly, Siri can search for images of a certain individual who had been photographed in previous instances.

Locate Parked Vehicles
With the iOS 10 coming with an improved Apple Maps, the app can now be used for locating parked cars. The device senses when the user is driving a particular car; upon parking the vehicle, the exact location is noted on Apple Maps and is displayed as notification.

With users finding out about the new iOS 10 features, even more tricks are likely to be discovered, especially with the new iPhone 7 now arriving in stores.

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