Anne Graham-Lotz Says Her Father Billy Graham Never Expected His Children to Catch Faith

( [email protected] ) Dec 05, 2016 10:05 AM EST
Anne Graham-Lotz says it was her personal decision catch the faith of her parents, through the intentional sharing of her parents.
Anne Graham Lotz says her parents were intentional in teaching them about Jesus and faith, and encourages others to share their faith this Christmas season. Twitter

Anne Graham-Lotz, one of the children of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, says in a Facebook post how her parents passed their faith on to her. She reveals that her parents were intentional in their desire for their children to know Jesus.

"They did not leave the instruction of biblical trust to the pastor or Sunday school teacher or visiting evangelist to carry out," Graham-Lots says in her post. "They did not leave the instruction of biblical trust to the pastor or Sunday school teacher or visiting evangelist to carry out."

She says that her parents never expected that they could 'catch faith' like it was a disease. It was her parents and maternal grandparents who taught them about God's Word that made it personal, important and easy to grasp. Anne Graham0Lots then says that she was the one who made the personal decision to respond and make their faith her own.

Earlier this year, evangelist Billy Graham says that parents should remember to tell their children about God's love for them. He says that telling children about God's love should be done with as much passion as when parents show their own love for their kids.

"At first we may do it only by our actions - loving them, praying in their presence, perhaps taking them to church. Will they see Christ in you - in your love, your patience, your character, your peace in the midst of life's storms?" Graham questioned, adding that "our example often speaks far louder than our words."

 Billy Graham goes on to say that parents can tell children about the life of Christ, praying with them and reading them Bible stories. It doesn't matter what age their children are, it's never too early share faith and Jesus with their offspring.

Anne Graham-Lotz, in her Facebook page, is reiterating the same advice that her father previously gave.

"This Christmas, let's pass our faith on together. Give the children in your life a gift that lasts...the hope, love, joy and peace that the Baby of Bethlehem came to give us."

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