Reporter : By Michelle A. Vu
  • Progressive Evangelical Lauds Cizik as Hero, Pioneer

    Richard Cizik, ex-vice president of the nation’s largest evangelical body, is a “real hero” and “pioneer” in the “new evangelical” movement, said a progressive, left-leaning evangelical leader in response to Cizik’s resignation this week.
  • NAE VP Resigns after Culture War Controversy

    Long-time evangelical lobbyist Richard Cizik has resigned as the vice president of governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, the group announced Thursday.
  • NAE President Reassures Critics of Pro-Life Stance

    The president of the National Association of Evangelicals reassured the organization’s Board of Directors as well as media outlets this past week that the group remains fully committed to its long-held stance on abortion, marriage and other biblical values after several controversial statements were made by the group’s vice president.
  • Christian Activist Rises to Pakistan Cabinet Post

    A prominent and long-time Christian human rights activist was recently appointed as Pakistan’s federal minister for minorities affairs and recruited as a member of the cabinet – the first time a minorities affairs minister has a cabinet-level post.
  • bush1.bmp

    Rick Warren Pays Tribute to Bush's AIDS Feat

    WASHINGTON – President Bush was the center of attention and outpouring of accolades Monday as Dr. Rick Warren awarded him the first “International Medal of PEACE” on the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day for his unprecedented contribution to the fight against the deadly disease.
  • Church Coalition to Honor Bush for AIDS Work

    Dr. Rick Warren of the Global PEACE Coalition will honor President George W. Bush for his unprecedented level of contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS as U.S. president during the Saddleback Civil Forum on Global Health Summit on Monday, World AIDS Day.
  • Christmas Gifts for Persecuted Christians

    Persecuted Christians may be among the last things on people’s minds this Christmas, but a ministry is seeking to change that with its 2008 Christmas Catalog that features gifts for the oppressed and too often forgotten believers.
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    Congo Fighting Spurs Push for More Aid, U.N. Troops

    The unrelenting fight between the rebel force loyal to Laurent Nkunda and the pro-government militia in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo led to renewed calls for more humanitarian aid and U.N. peacekeeping troops this week.
  • Ted Haggard Speaks on Scandal for First Time

    Ex-evangelical leader Ted Haggard, who fell from grace after the exposure of his sex and drug scandal two years ago, recently opened up about the dark secret from his past that likely led to his downfall as an adult.
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    Christian Right Vows to Stay Strong Under Obama

    WASHINGTON – For Christian right leaders, Sen. Barack Obama’s victory last week was a huge setback that left some in the midst of a grieving process. While things may not be going well for the movement, some of its leaders vowed to not only survive under an Obama administration but to thrive.
  • Evangelicals Optimistic about Obama Presidency

    WASHINGTON – Some prominent evangelical leaders said Wednesday that they are optimistic about working together with the Obama administration and even noted that relationships have already been built by the campaign’s faith outreach arm.
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    Lausanne Congress to Tackle Emerging Threats to Mission

    PATTAYA, Thailand – The highly-anticipated, upcoming third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization will be addressing emerging threats and concerns to Christian missions, informed the head of the Lausanne Congress on Monday at a major evangelical conference.
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    World Evangelical Assembly Opens in Thailand

    More than 500 evangelical Christians from over 100 nations took part in a colorful and ethnically festive opening ceremony for the World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly in Thailand Saturday night.
  • World Evangelical Assembly Set to Kick Off

    The world’s largest evangelical body will open its highly-anticipated general assembly – the first in seven years – on Saturday night with invited Christian leaders from some of the most prominent Christian organizations in the world.
  • WEA to Hold General Assembly after 7 Years

    The world’s largest evangelical body will hold its first general assembly in seven years this October and will be presenting many new structures and projects, according to officials.
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    Survey: Most Americans Believe God Uniquely Blessed U.S.

    WASHINGTON - Most Americans strongly believe that God has uniquely blessed America, and a similar majority believe that the United States should set the example as a Christian nation to the rest of the world, a survey, released Wednesday, found.
  • Release of Iranian Apostates Garners Praise, Caution

    A ministry leader who works with the persecuted Church described the release of two Iranian apostates this past week as a “wonderful development,” but cautioned that danger may await the Muslims turned Christians.
  • palin1111.bmp

    Palin: I Identify with the Average American Struggles

    Often criticized for being inaccessible, Sarah Palin opened up this week in her first radio interview since becoming the Republican vice presidential nominee to reveal her thoughts on her critics, her faith, and the economic struggles currently faced by Americans.
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