Reporter : Julie Brown Patton
  • Child in Classroom

    Religious Discrimination Now Can Be Reported, Measured in US Schools Via DOE

    U.S. Department of Education (DOE) leaders implemented new measures that will require schools to report the number and frequency of religion-based harassment of students. For the first time, every public school across the country will report to the department's Civil Rights Data Collection on the number of incidents of religious-based bullying or harassment in their schools in the 2015-2016 school year. This new data is intended to provide stakeholders, policymakers and educators critical details about religious discrimination problems, as well as a way to measure future progress.
  • Mr. Monk Delivery

    Priests Being Ordered on Amazon in Japan To Conduct On-Location Services

    Buddhists in Japan just took technology-based religious services to a novel level by booking Buddhist priests online through a new company called "Obo San bin," which roughly translates to "Mr. Monk delivery." The Amazon-based new service reportedly has been well-received by Buddhists who were plagued by what they call exorbitant fees charged by traditional temples for priests to conduct rites, such as burials and memorials.
  • France Religion at Work

    Religion Presence Is 'More Visible' In French Work Places, Conflicts Rising

    Signs and items reflecting religion in work places throughout France are increasing. With that growing presence has come more religion-based conflicts, a new study found. Called "More Visible," the report was published on Thursday by the Observatory for Religion in the Workplace and the Randstad Institute.
  • Jerika Bolen

    Teen Jerika Bolen Dies After Stopping Lifelong Spinal Treatment: 'Going to Better Place'

    Jerika Bolen, the 14-year-old Appleton, Wis., teen whose decision to cease treatment of her brutal spinal disease drew national support, generated a farewell prom, but also sparked a new debate on right-to-die issues, died on Thursday, her mother, Jen Bolen, said. Jerika entered hospice after a lifelong fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, an incurable and progressive disease that robbed her of ever walking in her life and caused continual pain.
  • Ahmad Khan Rahami

    New York Bomber 'Found Religion' on Trips to Afghanistan 2 Years Ago

    The man arrested Monday for setting explosives in New York and New Jersey that injured 29 people, Ahmad Rahami, was an 'Americanized' asylum seeker who moved to the United States with his family in 1995 when he was 7 years old. Called A "class clown," he was considered nice and friendly by schoolmates and worked at his family's chicken restaurant in Elizabeth, N.J. However, acquaintances said Rahami changed drastically after he returned from a trip to his home country of Afghanistan, two years ago, apparently then focused on his Muslim religion.
  • Antikythera Skull

    Ancient DNA From Skeleton at World’s Most Mysterious Shipwreck Found by Scientists

    Archaeologists have been scouring the 2,100-year-old Antikythera shipwreck site in Greece for more than 100 years, and only a few human remains have shown up. Now, lucky scientists just discovered a skeleton at the site, which represents the first human skeleton recovered from a very old shipwreck since the advent of ancient DNA studies. "We can investigate this individual in a way that was never possible before," said Brendan Foley, an underwater archaeologist and research associate at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who first saw the skeleton.
  • Father Jacques Hamel

    'Killing In God’s Name Is Satanic,' Proclaims Pope Francis

    In recalling the murder of Father Jacques Hamel in France during a homily held in honor of the fallen priest at the Vatican, Pope Francis avowed, "This cruelty that asks for apostasy, is satanic." The pontiff's comments reference acts of terrorism, in which people claimed to be killing in the name of God. Pope Francis Pope strongly condemned the identification of terrorism with Islam and now said killing in God's name is a satanic act.
  • Jérémy Hélan

    French Soccer Player Jeremy Helan Quits 'Football' To Follow Religion

    Jérémy Hélan, a French professional footballer (or soccer player) announced Sunday (Sept. 18) he is quitting the game at the age of 24 to devote himself to religion. The left-sided player is a devout Muslim. He plays for Sheffield Wednesday, with whom he joined from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee in July 2013.
  • New Jersey National Anthem

    Catholic Diocese Will Suspend Athletes, Coaches Who Don’t Stand for National Anthem

    Catholic Diocese officials of Camden, N.J., issued an edict to its schools through a letter that indicated any player or staffer who "failed to demonstrate appropriate respect" (opted not to stand) for the national anthem would be subjected to suspension. "Let me be clear. We are not public institutions and free speech in all of its demonstrations, including protests, is not a guaranteed right," stated the superintendent in the letter.
  • The Good Place

    Heaven Afterlife: NBC's New 'The Good Place' Will include All Creeds, Faiths, Opinions

    Executive producer and creator of a new NBC series entitled "The Good Place," Michael Schur, explained that while the comedy is set in the afterlife, that plot doesn't make it just a religious show. Is The Good Place actually heaven? The series premieres Sept. 19, at 10 p.m. ET/PT before moving to its regular time slot on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m., starting Sept. 22.
  • Gloria Copeland

    Answers to Prayers: Adopt 4-Step Waiting Process, Encourages Gloria Copeland

    While praying for something doesn't mean one will get every little thing asked for at exactly the time expected, noted author and Gospel minister Gloria Copeland said Christians sometimes have to be like farmers planting crops: "You have to sow it, water it and wait for it to grow." Copeland wrote the New York Times best-seller, "God's Master Plan for Your Life," as well as "God's Will for You," "Walk With God," "God's Will Is Prosperity, Hidden Treasures" and "To Know Him."
  • Muslims Pardoned in Ethiopia

    Muslims Jailed for Religious Extremism, Anti-Terror Laws Were Pardoned in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia's chief prosecutor announced 1,000 convicts were pardoned Saturday, including 135 Muslims jailed under anti-terror laws for opposing what they called government interference in their religion. The president signed the pardon for Muslim group members after they expressed regret, Prosecutor-General Getachew Ambaye was quoted as saying by the state-run Ethiopian News Agency.
  • John Tortorella

    World Cup Players Who Sit in National Anthem Will Sit Entire Game, Says Team USA Hockey Coach

    Team USA hockey coach John Tortorella made headlines this week when he told ESPN's Linda Cohn, "If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game." In the wake of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's "sitting protest" during the anthem regarding concerns about civil rights of minorities, Tortorella expressed a zero tolerance policy for players who refuse to participate in the U.S. national anthem during the 2016 World Cup of Hockey tournament.
  • Seattle Seahawks Build A Bridge Video

    Seattle Seahawks Announce 'Unity Plan' For National Anthem on Sept. 11

    After recent hullabaloo about several Seattle Seahawks' team members saying they were considering protesting the national anthem over civil rights concerns when the team faces the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists' attacks, the rest of the team decided on a plan of action -- one of interlocking arms and standing during the anthem as a sign of unity, Seahawks' receiver Doug Baldwin said in a Facebook 42-second video released Saturday (Sept. 10). "Progress can and will be made only if we stand together," he calmly stated.
  • World Trade Center Tribute in Lights

    9/11 Day Prompts Clinton, Trump to Pause Public Politics For Sept. 11 Tribute Instead

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaign representatives confirmed they halted television ads for the anniversary tribute of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, keeping with a tradition of avoiding partisan presidential politics on 9/11. The New York-based nonprofit, 9/11 Day, sent letters to presidential candidates, asking them to stop their public political activities for Sunday's observance; the group instead encourages a national focus on service and remembrance.
  • Hillary Clinton at National Baptist Convention

    Hillary Clinton Shares Her ‘Social Justice, Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Faith’ at Baptist Convention

    Although Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admitted spotlighting one's faith doesn't come naturally to a "Midwestern Methodist," she shared details of her beliefs Thursday evening at the National Baptist Convention USA's 136th annual session in Kansas City, Mo. She quoted Scripture, hymns and even St. Francis of Assisi as she described her "activist, social justice faith - a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-your-hands-dirty faith."
  • Rory and Joey book

    Relive Joey+Rory God-Given Story in 'To Joey With Love' Movie Sept. 20, Oct. 6

    Husband-and-wife singing duo Joey+Rory believed God would give them a great story, and He did. Fans are still mourning Joey Feek's death to cervical cancer at only age 40, but now can attend a special movie event about this couple's life of love and hope in select theaters on one of two nights: Sept. 20 and Oct. 6. Click here to explore which theaters will show the movie.
  • Syrian Christian Woman

    ISIL Jihadists Tell Yazidi Girls: ‘Once We Rape You, You Will Be Muslim’

    Regarding the Yazidi people, Islamic State jihadists want to wipe "them off the face of the Earth," said lawyer and humanitarian Jacqueline Isaac to U.S. Congressional Affairs Sub-Committee members on Thursday (Sept. 8). She also highlighted that the militants tell Yazidi girls it's pointless to not convert to Islam, because if they refuse, they will become Muslim anyway once they rape them. She is trying to help advance H.R. 4017, a momentous bill that addresses the need to recognize the genocide she said is taking place in the Middle East.
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