Reporter : Julie Brown Patton
  • Tom Cruise Anthony Hopkins

    Tom Cruise to Play Epic 969-Year-Old Man In New Bible Film ‘Methuselah’

    One of adventure actor Tom Cruise's upcoming roles that is attracting controversy is Methuselah, a biblical character in the Old Testament who defied the laws of aging and lived to be 969 years old. Cruise plays the powerful yet fully mortal character, who, like protagonists he has performed before, has the uncanny ability to defeat enemies and surmount obstacles with a nearly supernatural prowess. The movie's release date hasn't been announced yet.
  • U.S. Flag

    Christian Leaders Comment On Donald Trump President-Elect

    Paula White, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's spiritual adviser, a member of his evangelical advisory board and pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Florida, issued this written statement: "Far more than what divides us, this election has revealed what unites us. I have never seen such solidarity between evangelicals and Catholics, Pentecostals, charismatics and Baptists. We were brought together with a mutual love for our country and through a mutual faith in God.
  • Franklin Graham praying

    Evangelist Franklin Graham Hosts Live, Pre-Election Prayers On Facebook

    Because the Nov. 8, 2016, election is the most important of our lifetime, Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of Samaritan's Purse, an international Christian relief organization said, "We need to pray, and we need to vote." To that end, he hosted a live stream prayer Monday evening on Facebook.
  • Hands child and adult

    Christian, Foster Couple Stopped from Adoptions Amid Gay Parents

    One Christian, U.K. couple was blocked from adopting their two foster children after expressing concerns about them being raised by a gay couple. The couple, who have not been named, have cared for the young children this entire year. When they were told a gay couple had requested to adopt them, the foster pair admitted they "expressed a degree of shock and asked if this was a 'joke'."
  • Billy Graham 98th birthday

    Billy Graham Turns 98 Years Old, 'Never Retires From God's Service'

    "America's pastor," Rev. Billy Graham turns 98 years old today (Nov. 7). His family said he would appreciate everyone's prayers. The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C., will hold a celebration in his honor Monday, which is free to the public with cake and a banner signing.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman

    'God Is On Throne, In Control' Reminds Steven Curtis Chapman before Nov. 8 Elections

    With two more days until the 2016 election polls open, leading Gospel musician Steven Curtis Chapman said he's been pondering and praying as "one of the craziest elections in the history of all electiondom" approaches. "As I watched, there has been one thought I have continued to need to remember to help me resist the urge to completely freak out!" he shared. "Basically it's what the eternal, unchanging word of God reminds us of in Daniel 2:20-21 and in Psalm 103:19."
  • Ricky Skaggs

    Musician Ricky Skaggs Urges Votes For 'Pro-Life, Religious Freedom, Donald Trump'

    As a legendary bluegrass and country artist who is also a devout Christian, Ricky Skaggs frequently forges cross-cultural, genre-bending musical ideas. This weekend, he is turning his inspiration and prayers toward U.S. politics -- specifically to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. "It's down to what's right and wrong, not what's right-standing or left-leaning. God hates shedding of innocent blood, and that's what's got my heart and spirit so stirred up in this particular election," proclaimed Skaggs.
  • Teen pregnant with Jesus on Dr. Phil

    'Jesus Christ Is In My Womb,' Says Teen

    A 19-year-old female referenced as Haley insisted on the Dr. Phil show Thursday that her pregnancy is a miraculous one because she believes Jesus himself is in her womb. Although six medical tests revealed the teen is not pregnant, Haley believes her growing tummy is a sign of the growing divine child in her. She says the medical test results are all false, and claims her 22-pound weight gain in the past year is proof of her pregnancy.
  • donald trump at podium

    Donald Trump's Speculative '777' Connection surfaces

    Many Christian denominations consider seven to be a holy number because the Biblical book of Genesis states God rested on the seventh day, and man was created on the sixth day, therefore 777 often is thought to be the antithesis of 666. One social media user assigned an interesting "777" interpretation to Republican nominee Donald Trump's first potential day of office, due to his birthday.
  • Ben Zobrist

    Chicago Cubs' Ben Zobrist 'Heart' of Club But His Soul Belongs to God as Avowed Christian

    Ben Zobrist, Chicago Cubs' second basemen and left fielder, is the son of a pastor and an avowed Christian. He also is someone who just tied an obscure record with Babe Ruth by becoming the second player to have three hits in Game 1 of consecutive World Series baseball appearances. Additionally, he was named 2016 World Series MVP after hitting a go-ahead RBI double in the 10th inning of Wednesday night's Game 7 win over the Cleveland Indians.
  • T. D. Jakes and Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey Endorses Hillary Clinton for President On Bishop 'T.D. Jakes' Show

    American media mogul Oprah Winfrey recently appeared on the "T.D. Jakes" self-titled daytime talk show during which she urged viewers to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, stating "you don't have to like her" to vote for her. Winfrey, who has remained fairly quiet about politics during the heated 2016 campaign, asked undecided voters if they "like democracy." As leader of the Potter's House megachurch in Dallas, Texas, Jakes pushed Winfrey to discuss how the country can be unified rather than divided.
  • Amy Butler

    Clergy Woman Shares ‘Choice’ to Have Late-Term Abortion Was Right but 'End of Dream'

    Pastor Amy Butler, senior minister at Riverside Church in New York, just shared the painful details surrounding the decision she and her spouse made to abort the pregnancy of their second daughter, due to health complications for the baby and her. Butler said she decided to share considerations and the truth about the abortion following the last U.S. presidential debate, during which late-term abortion was discussed. She believes every woman ought to have the "right" to make the decision.
  • Home Free Full Of Cheer

    Home Free: Religious Hymn 'How Great Thou Art' Goes Viral A Cappella Style

    Singers of the world's first all-vocal country group, Home Free, produced a new album of holiday music and their rendition of the religious, classic hymn "How Great Thou Art" has gone viral on social media, even grabbing the coveted No. 1 trending spot on Facebook. The a cappella group first gained attention when they competed in and won the fourth season of The Sing-Off on NBC in 2013.
  • Willow Creek positive health effects

    Religion May Be 'Miracle Drug,' Says Health Expert, Faith Editor

    Church attendance may be a free elixir for improving the physical and mental health of millions of Americans, claims a Harvard University epidemiology professor and a faith-focused editor. Hailing religion as a potential "miracle drug," current health research indicates going to church once a week could reduce mortality by 20 percent to 30 percent over a 15-year period.
  • Jeremy Lin Nets Opener

    Jeremy Lin Fans Pack Barclays Center In Brooklyn, NY, Lin Leads Nets to Victory in Home Opener

    Hundreds of Asian Americans helped fill a packed Barclays Center Friday in Brooklyn, New York, to watch NBA point guard and Christian athlete Jeremy Lin and the Nets play their first home game of the current season. The American-born professional basketball player unexpectedly led a winning turnaround ironically with the New York Knicks in 2012, which generated a global following known as "Linsanity."
  • Peter Manseau

    Smithsonian Institution Secures First Religion Curator Since 1890s

    The Smithsonian Institute's first curator of religion in more than a century is the son of a priest and a nun. Peter Manseau is a scholar who is trying to remind Americans of the nation's diverse religious history, including the messy and splendor infusions. "You can't tell the story of America," he said, "without the role of religion in it."
  • Montgomery Township Public School District

    Prayers Now Allowed In Public Schools After NJ School Board Revises Religion Policy

    Prayer during classroom time, along with organized prayer groups, will be allowed in the Montgomery Township Public School District in Somerset County, New Jersey, following school board members' approval of revisions this month to the school district policy about religion in public schools. The policy recognizes students are protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and by the New Jersey State Constitution, both of which ban the establishment of religion in the schools. It also acknowledges religion is a personal matter.
  • Lt. Tim McMillan

    Community Policing, Prayer Vigils, New Efforts Try to Heal Racial Tension

    A Facebook post from a Georgia police officer captured a lot of attention this week after he described how frightened a Black teen male was when he pulled him over for texting while driving. Some better news is that more community residents are investigating how to bridge police-civilian gaps in understanding through new programs.
  • Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan: What Religion Does This Nobel Prize Winner Practice?

    Most Bob Dylan fans have found the singer and iconic songwriter's religious affiliation confusing through the years. Although Dylan was born Jewish, he later converted to Christianity. But given how Christian themes faded out of his music and he continued to practice certain Jewish customs, many wondered if he had left Christianity. However, his spiritual guide, Al Kasha, said Dylan never lost his faith in Christ. Dylan, 75, is the first American winner of the Nobel literature prize since Toni Morrison in 1993.
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