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  • The Cross My Hope America Billy Graham

    Billy Graham's 95th Birthday Message 'The Cross' Airing Nationwide in Unprecedented Outreach

    "America's Pastor" Billy Graham will be reaching out beginning on his 95th birthday with the cooperation of over 28,000 churches in America, who will invite people into their homes and congregation, with a television and web broadcast program entitled "The Cross" from Nov. 7-10. Amid frail health, the evangelist acknowledged that this may be his last message to the nation.
  • Billy Graham

    Billy Graham to Celebrate 95th Birthday – Donald Trump, Others Invited to Party

    World-renowned Christian evangelist and author Billy Graham plans to celebrate his ninety-fifth birthday on Thursday with hundreds of guests, and invitations extending to former president Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy. Graham, who served as an advisor to presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon and preached alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., has spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 215 million people worldwide. His birthday will also kick start "My Hope America with Billy Graham," a series of evangelical messages to be broadcast nationwide November 7-10.
  • Darrington Prison

    Prison Officials Christen Southwestern Seminary-inspired School for Maximum-Security Inmates

    The once-troubled, maximum-security Darrington prison south of Houston will get a new focus that state officials hope could someday make Texas' state prison system less violent: God. In an afternoon convocation at the 1,900-convict prison, officials will inaugurate Texas' first seminary operated within a prison. The program will initially enroll 40 convicts who could eventually earn a biblical studies degree so they can minister to felons at other state prisons, according to the Austin-American Statesman.
  • Dennis Rodman

    What Is Dennis Rodman Doing in North Korea, Anyway?

    The trip didn't result in the release of imprisoned American missionary Kenneth Bae. Expectations had been high that Rodman, on his second trip to North Korea this year, would parlay his friendship with the 30-year-old dictator into the release of the jailed U.S. missionary. According to The LA Times.
  • AsiansinAmerica.jpg

    Influx of Asians in Southern California: How Can They Be Served?

    The population growth of Asians has outpaced that of Hispanics in the last 10 years, especially near California’s urban centers, according to The New York Times. As we reported earlier this week, some of the largest increases in the Asian population were in wealthy white suburbs in the San Gabriel Valley.
  • JapanMission1.jpg

    Yuan Zhiming Tokyo Evangelism Conference Unites Chinese Churches in Japan

    Yuan Zhiming, Xiao Ming and Christian celebrities from mainland China led an evangelistic and Bible-study conference in Tokyo days ago. Over 2,500 Chinese throughout Japan participated in the event. Around 230 decided to place their faith in Jesus Christ and around a dozen or more expressed their desire to serve full-time in country’s mission field.
  • chenlei.JPG

    Chinese Government Gives House Churches 'Silent Approval', Says Expert

    A pioneer in Chinese mission ministries and expert in China missions recently said the Chinese government has given silent approval to the rapidly growing "house churches" or those that did not register with the authorities. He predicted an increasing environment for growth of Christianity in the country with a quarter of the world's population.
  • Ross Maracle and Pastor Stephen Stoney in Att June 2012.jpg

    Networking Together with First Nation Ministries

    FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)— Intercede International’s work with indigenous First Nations ministries in Canada has deep roots, going back over 37 years. Now, since the sudden passing of Rev. Ross Maracle, this First Nations work is going through a transition. Three ministries are emerging with strong ties to each other. One of them is based in Attawapiskat, Ontario—a community that has been in the mainstream news much in the past few months.
  • 207296_10151438708118184_45.jpg

    Evangelist Stephen Tong Leads 3,000 to Christ in One Night in Indonesia

    Thousands of Indonesians converted to Christianity during the Stephen Tong’s evangelistic conferences in the country with the world’s largest Muslim population. Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI) announced on their Facebook fan page that the events were held on five Indonesian islands – Ambon, Manokwari, Kab, Sorong, and Kota.
  • 14 Steps to Support Chinese Missionaries for World Evangelization

    “Gospel going out of China” is this generation’s greatest evangelical dream both locally and internationally. The long road of spreading the Gospel carries the wonderful wishes of innumerable Chinese church priests and gathers the blood and sweat of the older generation of Chinese shepherds.
  • China1111.jpg

    Is China's Economic Rise the Result of Christianity's Contributions?

    China's leading ram of economic development are in the country's Eastern coast, where Christian missions was also the most active in the beginning of the 20th century. Was this a coincidence or destiny? A returning overseas professor of the Peking University, through research, discovered the intimate connection between Christianity and economic development.
  • 368FAH street kids medical help.jpg

    A Spring of Life in Ukraine

    KIEV, Ukraine (INS)— It may still be winter, but a Spring of Life is blooming in Ukraine! Intercede International partner Father’s House—an indigenous Christian ministry based in Kiev, Ukraine—has started a new crisis centre with that name for street children and a help line for children in distress.
  • Chinese Missiologist: Inevitable Mission Principles of 21st Century

    With the rapid internet and transportation development in the 21st century, not only has communication become easier, but the interactions between countries and citizens have also improved. Besides, some regions still find it tough to accept missionaries, and thus Christians are inclined to use the internet for proselytizing rather than to appoint missionaries to go to the mission field for long-term missions.
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