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    Urbana Mission Conference Shows Increasing Asian-American Youth Participation

    “Surrender your plans and allow God to surprise you. God’s invitations may be unexpected,” said Tom Lin, Urbana conference director and InterVarsity’s vice president. “You and I are called to share God’s Kingdom news not just for our campuses, not just for our cities, but also for the ends of the earth – the unfamiliar places, the unfamiliar cultures, and for unfamiliar friends.
  • Overseas Missionaries Commemorated on 60th Anniversary of Chinese Conservative Baptist Church in Taiwan

    The Chinese Conservative Baptist Church held the 60th anniversary celebration in Kaohsiung from the 18th to the 20th to celebrate the missionary work in Taiwan. The celebration's theme surrounded unity, connecting, caring, and missionary work, to commemorate the American missionaries who came to Taiwan like a seedling that sacrificed itself to enable the formation of many more seeds - in turn spurred the development of 42 churches across the whole Taiwan.
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    God Gives Us ‘Beauty For Ashes’

    FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)—What does persecution have to do with beauty? Read on! Beauty For Ashes is the theme of this year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) in Canada, which will take place on Sunday, November 4th.
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    First Chinese Media Mission Conference “The Miracle is Coming” Concludes, Chinese Pastors Renew Vision in Evangelism

    Chinese Christians gathered for a three-day mission conference to reaffirm the importance of spreading the gospel through media. Over 350 people consisting of ministers and lay believers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, United States, Canada, and Australia participated in “The Miracle is Coming” from August 13th – 15th at Golden Palm Tree Resort in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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    Two Raised From Dead in Pakistan

    PAKISTAN (INS)—God is performing miracles in Pakistan, where at least two people have been raised from the dead through God’s power working through the people of Pakistan Gospel Assemblies—an indigenous ministry partnered with Intercede International.
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    Dramatic Healings in India

    INDIA (INS)— People are being healed miraculously and one woman was even raised from the dead in India, as God’s power works through indigenous missionaries connected with Intercede International.
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    Five Major Trends of China’s Church in Catching Up with World Missions

    Asian Outreach honorary president Dr. David Wang was invited by Missions Fest Vancouver as its keynote speaker. In one of its seminars, he described China’s churches as the continuation of the book of Acts, where they are growing continuously under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Yet, what is the actual outlook of the church in China today?
  • Chinese Churches in Japan Unite in One Heart for Revival

    Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) recently published the mission developments and prayer needs of Japan’s mission field on its website. While Japan has been known for the difficulty in spreading the gospel, the Chinese churches in Japan have been revealing a unity in seeking for a gospel revival.
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    Christians Killed in Murderous Attack

    FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)—More than 130 Christians, including several indigenous missionaries, were brutally slaughtered on November 11 when members of a fanatic Islamic sect viciously attacked the mostly Christian community of New Jerusalem in Yobe State, Nigeria. But one of the terrorists has become a committed Christian, after meeting with an indigenous Christian missionary.
  • IDOP 2011 banner.jpg

    Persecuted Church is ‘Victorious in Christ’

    FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)—This year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) Canada theme is Victorious in Christ, based on Revelation 2:3 and 7:3. The word “Victory” may not be the first thing we think of when we consider the increasing tide of Christian persecution around the world. In fact, to many in the Western World, it is difficult to think of “victory” when thinking about “persecution.”
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    Canadian Church Partnerships Bring Blessings

    FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)— Some congregations across Canada have formed partnerships with Intercede over the years and have become key supporters of Intercede and its indigenous partner ministries in other countries—bringing blessings both to the churches and to the ministries.
  • New Mission Target - Chinese Millions ''Ant Tribe''

    The internet gives birth to numerous newly emerged names and phrases; one of them that is of particular discussion is the “ant tribe” – the fourth largest disadvantaged groups in China. In Gospel Operation International latest periodical, an article titled “Gospel Needs of Ant Tribe” explored the context and gospel needs of this particular groups of people. Through first-hand accounts from Christians visiting the places where these “ant tribe” youths live, a better understanding of the gospel needs was illustrated.
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    USA CMI President: Church's Greatest Calling is Missions

    After sharing about the relationship between prayer and evangelism, Rev. Jonathan Chiu, president of USA Care Ministries International (CMI), explains the meaning of church mission at a missions conference held in Lord's Grace Church in New Jersey.
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    Hundred OMF Workers Reported Safe in Japan, Begins Assisting in Disaster Relief

    An 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck the north-east region of Japan on the morning of March 11, about 250 miles from Tokyo and 20 miles below the surface. A large tsunami followed hitting Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. Four nuclear reactors are now experiencing possible meltdown, leading to heavy radiation leaks. OMF International (formerly the China Inland Mission and Overseas Missionary Fellowship) has announced the safety of OMF staffs and their short-term workers.
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    China Internet Users to Reach 750 Million by 2015, Forecasts McKinsey & Co.

    McKinsey's report "Understanding China's Digital Consumers" was released in late February, which surveyed 4,800 internet users from more than 20 Chinese cities and interviewed 500 non-internet consumers. The report categorized internet users into heavy, moderate, and light, where the youths comprise of the majority.
  • Why Religious Violence has Grown in Indonesia

    Attacks on Christians and other minorities in this Muslim-majority archipelago are being routinely reported in national and international media. Liberal Muslims of Indonesia, home to the world’s largest Muslim population, are calling it the worst manifestation of religious extremism in decades.
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