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  • Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday 2016 Meaning, Bible Verses and How To Make Palm Crosses for Holy Week

    Whether referenced as Palm Sunday, Passion Sunday, Yew Sunday or Branch Sunday, the Sunday before Easter each year is a solemn, important observance for Christians around the world. The tradition of Christians carrying palms on Palm Sunday is associated with Jesus' followers covering his path with palm fronds the day he entered Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. As palm leaves are carried into homes, Christians are declaring the choice to accept Jesus as the King and ruler of lives and families.
  • Footprints In The Sand

    One night I dreamed a dream. I was walking along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to me and one to my Lord.
  • Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday 2016: Meaning of Lent and Fasting, Church Services and Traditions

    On February 10, believers around the world will observe Ash Wednesday, which opens the Season of Lent, a special time of fasting, repentance and prayer. Falling just 46 days before Easter -- the celebration of Christ's resurrection -- Ash Wednesday emphasizes two specific themes: our sinfulness before God and our human mortality. In turn Lent officially ends on Holy Thursday, the fifth day of Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) that marks the Last Supper.
  • Dying Christian's Faith Quotes: 'God Brings Beauty From Ashes, It's All about Him'

    What would be your final words to this world? Sara "Gitz" Frankl, the blogger behind Gitzen Girl was made homebound by a rare, terminal autoimmune disease that caused her chronic, horrific pain. After years of various health struggles and before she died at age 38, she recorded many concepts about faith that still inspire others. Her testimony lives on through The Sara Gitz Frankl Memorial Foundation and a book by her friend Mary Carver called "Choose Joy."
  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Bible Verses for The Birth of Jesus Christ

    The Christmas season has started and everyone is busy preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ. An annual event celebrated to observe the birth of our Savior, Christians around the world savor the occasion by gathering together. Families and friends who spent the entire year apart are coming together to enjoy the holiday season and share their blessings.
  • Prayer

    Christmas Prayer: Everyone Can 'Pray the Way' to Christmas Joy

    Christmas delight may not come readily, naturally or automatically for all people. But, award-winning writer, editor and speaker Bob Hostetler said he believes everyone can "pray their way" to Christmas joy. He was the co-founding pastor of Cobblestone Community Church in Oxford, Ohio. He shares three suggestive prayer types for this holiday season.
  • Nativity

    Christmas Bible Verses, Message Ideas For What to Write in a Christmas Card

    Christmas cards can be one of the most time consuming aspects of Christmas. While a box of cards at least takes the hassle out of trying to pick one out, it can also seem somehow generic. However, box cards can be personalized with a sentence or two about a special event that the family shared together such as trimming the tree, going to a community light display or Christmas concert, a Christmas movie that the family enjoyed together, Christmas vacation activities or some other special excursion. Christmas cards can also be personalized with favorite Bible verses that highlight this special season. Below are a few ideas to consider:
  • Advent Wreath

    Advent 2015: Making An Advent Season That Leads to Meaningful Christmas Traditions

    If they could sell the public on the idea, many retailers would probably have the average person believing that Advent is about Christmas shopping. Especially since the number one complaint about the Christmas season is crowds and long lines. These things can be enough of an annoyance that they can make families forget why Christmas is even celebrated and make many traditions seem empty and meaningless.
  • Jesus Christ on the Cross

    Sundays of Advent 2015: Bible Verses and Quotes on the Coming of Christ

    The coming of Jesus Christ into the world is marked by the celebration of Christmas. Prior to this glorious occasion, though, Christians mark the days of His coming by commemorating the Sundays of Advent. Throughout these Sundays, the members of the Church celebrate and observe the events that led to the birth and eventual manifestation of Christ's humanity. Christians discuss the Old Testament prophecies, which shared that the King of kings will be arriving soon.
  • Jesus

    Bible Verses About Hope and Heaven: Scriptures to Help Overcome Sadness, Depression, Difficulties

    In a world with so much pain and suffering, the hopelessness in the capacity of mankind to still look forward to a better tomorrow is slowly diminishing. As people struggle every day to survive every roadblock and challenge on the way to a joyful and meaningful life, it seems that the world is intent in crushing every bit of optimism. During these trying times, it is best to look to the Bible for inspiration. As we strive to make sense of the sadness and trials in our lives, the Bible offers passages that could lighten our load and help us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are biblical verses about hope and heaven.
  • Faith

    Bible Verses About Love and Faith: Scriptures for Encouragement, Strength and Devotion

    One of the most significant values that the Bible imbibes among Christians is faith. Without faith, the whole foundation of one's beliefs would be shaky at best. Faith is the glue that binds the believers of the Church as it provides every member of the community a common ground - that is, everyone believes on the teaching put forward by the Bible. Hand in hand with faith is love. Christians have been taught to never deny love to anyone who needs it, regardless if the person is a stranger, a friend or even an enemy. Given the sacrifices of the Lord for the rest of mankind, we must strive to keep our faith strong and our love tenacious.
  • Father's Day 2015

    Father’s Day Bible Verses 2015: Christian History, Why Fathers Are Important, Prayers for Dads and Husbands

    According to U.S. Census, there are an estimated 70.1 million fathers. While mothers are placed in a higher pedestal in today's society, Father's Day is nevertheless the nation's fifth largest card-sending holiday. On this special day to honor your father, dad-in-law, son-in-laws, and granddads, The Gospel Herald has listed out several key Bible verses that may help you jump starting your card writing and gift ideas (listed below).
  • Mother's Day

    10 Inspiring Mother's Day Bible Verses for Cards, Letters and Gifts

    Mother's Day is just around the corner, and is a special day when we celebrate the beauty of motherhood and take time to appreciate our individual mothers and mother figures. This Mother's Day, include one of these Bible verses on your card or gift to make your mom feel even more special.
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