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  • Partnering with and Sponsoring Chinese Business Leadership Students

    Would you like to invest in the lives and futures of qualified Chinese adults who cannot afford to study to develop much needed business leadership skills for leadership work in the Chinese business sector? Trinity Western University has a leadership program that will meet this need.
  • 035-premier-visits-twu-full.jpg

    British Columbia Premier Christy Clark Visits Trinity Western University

    British Columbia's Premier Christy Clark made a visit to Trinity Western University on July 12, 2011, along with the Honourable Naomi Yamamoto, MLA North Vancouver and Minister of Advanced Education; the Honourable Mary Polak, MLA Langley and Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation; and Marc Dalton, MLA Maple Ridge – Mission. Clark met with TWU President, Jonathan S. Raymond, Ph.D., to discuss the vision of the University and its role in B.C. as a Christian liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies institution.
  • min_20110713_Dr_Leung.jpg

    Thomas In-Sing Leung: The Chinese Model of Joy and Sorrow, Part II

    Despite China's economic achievements, the Chinese people's spiritual emptiness and confusion are becoming more and more evident as a result of the rapid secularization of the market economy and the effects from the Cultural Revolutions. Dr. Thomas In-Sing Leung, president and honorary chairman of C.R.R.S., continues to explain the cause and cure for the suffering Chinese souls.
  • Thomas In-Sing Leung: The Chinese Model of Joy and Sorrow, Part I

    During the Cultural Revolution, China’s GDP was ranked as the last of the world. Thirty years after the reformation, her GDP is now ranked as the world’s second. What’s more is that she has become the largest holder of debts for the most powerful nations in the world. She has used thirty years to catch up with the West’s modernization process that took around two hundred years. What kind of success factors are there?
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    MC Jin Performs ''Drugs? No Way!'', Calls Upon Youth to Say No to Drugs

    HONG KONG - Hip-Hop artist and actor MC Jin (Au-Yeung Jin) performed a song that he composed specially for the annual youth drug-free promotion event hosted by the government earlier this week. MC Jin’s song titled “Drugs? No Way!” teaches youths to “say no to drugs” and imprints an easy to remember slogan that reminds them of the consequences of using drugs.
  • Piper, McLaren Ponder God's Hand in Japan Quake

    Did God cause the earthquake in Japan? Reformed theologian John Piper says yes. But emergent church pastor Brian McLaren isn't satisfied with the simple answer, especially as it paints God as heartless or inept.
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    Christian Zheng Sheng College Students Help Promote Drug-Free Projects in Canada

    Hong Kong Christian Zheng Sheng College teachers and students has arrived Vancouver on February 12, beginning their two week long schedule of activities and exchanges with the local communities. They were invited by Integration Youth Service Society (IYSS) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to promote for the “Canadian Youths Drug Free Project.”
  • What the Bible Doesn't Say About Sex

    Reputable Christian scholars are outright rejecting one author's message that the Bible gives mixed and contradictory teachings on sex and sexuality.
  • min_20110114_news.jpg

    Patrick Yuen: Four Virtues for Success in Professional Careers

    Most Christians are saints living in municipal wells; they are neither clergies nor ministers, but live with the identity as Christians. In recent years, the Chinese churches have raised the awareness of this reality and are focusing more on ministering to believers in the professional fields. How can believers stop being “Sunday Christians” but live out the callings of a Christian in their daily lives and show their faith in the career places?
  • chuck-colson111.jpg

    Colson: Prison Rate Up Due to Moral Breakdown

    NEW YORK - The growing crime and incarceration rates are the consequences of a lack of moral training in society today, said Watergate-convict-turned-Christian-evangelical-leader Chuck Colson.
  • Religion Debate Pits Blair Against Hitchens

    Atheist campaigner Christopher Hitchens and former British prime minister Tony Blair went head to head Friday in an anticipated debate about whether religion is a force for good in the world.
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